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I do. Otherwise I go crazy

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Saw this today. Looks good

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You guys in the front are on a whole otherlevelof gnarly. The speed through the sandwhoops is amazing to watch. My bike seized after four laps, so i had the chance to watch

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Added bike check KTM SXF 450 1/18/2020 4:28 AM
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Cool video, cool bike, cool gear, cool track, cool guy. I love it

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I like all brands, but for some reason I keep coming back to KTM/Husky after one or two years on something else. Something about them just feels right for me. Currently I have fallen a bit in love with the new Yamaha 450, but I probably won't switch ... more »

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Damn I miss vurb

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Not get hurt again so I can race more

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Bob Mould makes amazing music!

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Is this a known fact or just speculation? Would be cool if it's true

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I'm really hoping for McAdoo in 250s

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Go riding! I got my second ACL and meniscus operation in June and just started riding again. It feels weird in the beginning and you will think about the knee constantly, but it goes away once you get some seat time in.

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I. think we'll have to wait another year. 13-15 16-18 19-21 and the FE coming out during the last year of the model

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To be honest I think the 12-16 SX 250s are some of the coolest bikes ever made. I currently have a 2020 SX 450 as my moto racebike, but really missed the older two strokes, so I am building up a 2016 TC 300 for some beach and sand racing. Those engines ... more »

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To me this is one of the coolest stories of the offseason. I'm a big fan of downhill racing and Kerr, and really want so see him do good.

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Herlings Cairoli Coldenhoff Gajser Tomac Roczen Musquin Cianciarulo Febvre Webb

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Has anyone stumbled upon any spy pics or any clues to what the new red KTMs are going to look like?

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I really like the Odi V2 grips