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They were so badass, I always wanted one. The parts # for the graphics is 50308192244, but finding a set won't be easy.

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The Germans don’t have that many options. Unfortunately the German federation doesn’t give a shit about motocross and the development of future talent

Started new thread New 250/300 2 strokes? 9/12/2019 4:20 AM

Saw these on facebook today, apparently Thumpstar has something new in the works. Does anyone know more about this?

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Weird seeing Anderson ride without a neck brace

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Switching to AER would not be an upgrade. The old closed cartridge fork is way better and much easier to work with

Started new thread Acerbis vs. Polisport grey plastics 8/29/2019 12:05 PM

Thinking about going with a grey set og plastics for my KTM. Has anyone seen both the Acerbis and Polisport plastics in person, who can tell me if the colors differ as much in real life as in the pictures?

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THe 4CS is probably the worst fork to hit the market in the last 10-15 years

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I have a 2001 SX 380 and had a 2017 250 SX last year. I think you would have to do quite a lot of cutting and welding in order to make room for the engine in the frame of the latest generation of twostrokes. It would probably be easier to build one with ... more »

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Plain white helmets are cool. I've had a few

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Cleaning air filters

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I had the 2004 SX 200 the last ones they built. One of the best bikes I ever had. We got it ported and had it running really really good. I remember it being almost too powerful for the 125 clutches, we were changing those like underwear.

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Test ride both and figure out what suits you and your riding style.

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He probably has just as much fun building his bike and doing one lap motos as everyone else who rides

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Really cool video series, but the commenting is just stupid

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All I want for christmas is...

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One of the worst I remember was the first time I was back on a bike after a few months of with a broken tib/fib. I was just out at the local track spinning some easy laps when I hit a nasty rut on a tabletop that sent me into an instant frontflip, I ... more »

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Why? Finding the most well rounded offroad/enduro rider across a lot of different types og riding seems great to me. The events are well organized and get great coverage.

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If I remember correctly WESS was started by KTM, Husqvarna, Red Bull and others who had enough of the way FIM ran the Enduro GP’s. KTM/Husky have completely pulled their Factory effort of the Gp’s infavor of WESS

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