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Marvin handled it like a boss. What a fucking idiot

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The SXS bikes were really trick with better suspension, brakes, tuned engines and in some cases even different frames. The FE's are just stock bikes with some special graphics and anodized shit.

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A friend of mine ended up in a wheelchair after a crash a few years ago, Took me a while to get the itch to ride back

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The SX 200 was one of the cooles bikes ever made

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I make her happy five days a week so I can go out and ride the two remaining days. She's cool with it though and only complained two or three times in the eight years we've been together because I wanted to blow off important family stuff to go racing. ... more ยป

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The next bike is going to be orange again. Those new Huskies look terrible

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I have never seen anybody ride a 250 twostroke as hard as Sleeter at Pala back in 2010. It was spectacular.

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Bell Moto 9 Flex, 6D or Shoei VFX Evo

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A friend of mine had a '17 that did the same within the first two hours of riding

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Acerbis always fit very well on my 13-15 KTMs

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Keep the cycling coming, I love it!

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boo hoo

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I've had asterisk for the past couple of years and bought POD braces last month. I absolutely love them! They are less bulky and seem to hold my knee together much better than the asterisk did.