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Were you wearing a brace? Ryno wants to know.

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Vet owned KTM 270 SXF that makes 52 hp….90 hours, fully rebuilt motor 28 hours ago, oil/filter every 6 hours. This is the best handling bike I have ever owned and is really fun to ride, but decided to try out a TM 300. Bike located north of Denver, or

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I don't know how they are gearing these, but I had a 2018 350 and found that dropping a tooth on the drive sprocket allowed me to get to all that power way up on the curve. I like to rev and not lug and this may gearing be too low for a really wide open ... more »

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You might have an internally cracked spark plug cap, I chased a gremlin for months and that's what it was. Hopefully that's what is is, because it's an easy 30 dollar fix.

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Good try, but the right answer around here is tree fiddy

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I am trying to figure this out right now with my 250 Sx-f big bore. I modded this bike extensively and love it, but it is approaching 100 hours and with it being a sellers market, thinking about selling. Don't usually get attached to toys, but this bike ... more »

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Living in Idaho I am sure you probably pay an annual fee to ride off road areas. What pisses me off is that MTB riders, of which I participate as well as moto, pay nothing and has facilities created/updated constantly. I credit this with the fascist ... more »

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I did the head mods and Vortex, but was advised that the KTM cams were fine. This was all tuned on the dyno for pump gas at 5000 feet elevation by Derek Harris at HP Race Development. I put a top end in at 55 hours, but am going to go longer on this ... more »

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No, it's definitely the believers in Musk and Doge that are the idiots. Doge is a joke and whilst it may end up sticking around for a little while, it's basically the flavor of the week. Bitcoin is used to settle global trade between sovereign nations, ... more »

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I have a 2017 250 Sxf bb (270), that now has about 75 hours on it. Put a new top end in at 55 hours, didn't need to, but that's what I am used to doing. So far no issues with reliability and love the power. Keep in mind that mine also has head work done,

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When I used to race and there were deals to roll over financing I would trade them about every 6 months. I ride them longer now, but try not to go much past 100 hours. If it were me, I wouldn't want to ride a bike without rebuiling the whole thing past ... more »

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Seems like Tomac did that a couple of years in a row, but I could be wrong.

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Try a different power band

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I am a medium in Bell/Arai/6D, the Bell fits me the best. Imo the Bell seems to be the best quality of the 3.

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Absolute worst thing an MX racer can do for his career is have a kid.

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I know this will have the anti KTM fans hating, but it could just be that the frame flex allows him to turn under everyone else. I used to be on the aluminium frame bandwagon, but I really do believe they are a disadvantage in SX.

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If nothing else this should get him a huge bonus from Kawasaki!

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Weed lowers blood pressure, so it was only anxiety that caused the arm pump. Same thing without weed, anxiety causes arm pump, nothing more.

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Eco fascists should focus on teaching their peers how to properly dispose of their feces while camping. Sick of these fascist fuckers, they are everywhere.