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Get the 9 for sure

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Thanks for the info, I guess I must have a warped head.

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GKR, don't mean to hijack your thread, but I have an HP 270 and had troubles since rebuilding top end w coolant in the head. Did you ever replace top end in yours and do you know what you used for head gasket? Cometic?

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I know that this is a really old thread, but after rebuilding my top end I am having trouble with a leaky head. Have checked that the head is not warped, replaced water pump seals and rebuilt it 3 times now. Am thinking that I must have a head gasket ... more »

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Get a Ready Ramp and ride it in.

Added reply in a thread Mercedes Benz Sprinter (custom camper) SoCal 1/24/2020 5:33 PM van geeks have gone crazy! I had a 2005 when I was a rep btw and cobbled together some old Yamaha alu crates and had a great set up for about 40k including the van.

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Muddy he makes it, not muddy he doesn't. Racing an AMA SX is a whole different animal, just ask the euro MX champs who have tried one off races. I just hope his big hairy balls don't get him seriously hurt.

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Maybe in PA, come out west where there is stuff that can't be pedaled up, or long sandy sections. You sound like the type that also didn't like the Alta.

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I use this one also and also recommend it. As colintrax said, its for emergency only, but has multiple antennas and because I spend a lot of time in the mountains and canyon country, signal availability/strength needs to be a concern.

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I've had both and prefer the truck and trailer. I found a trailer to be way more comfortable and once you get your campsite set up, if you want to drive off, you don't have to bundle everything up like the van. Plus for the money, you get way more w ... more »

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I used to ride that track it was fun, hope they get it open again!

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The neck brace keeps the helmets edge from breaking it as its pushed against the bone during impact. I had 3 broken collarbones pre neck brace and none since....knock on wood.

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I was that guy until buying a 2017 350. You should do it just because its fun to have all the new tech, buttons everywhere! Btw, you will be faster over an entire moto, and probably best lap.

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Its all about gearing on the 350, so gear it for what you are riding. The young guns that were riding them were going to 13t drive sprockets, helps to reach the peak power which still takes a ton of throttle. Black throttle cam is also a necessity. A ... more »

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You don't need a sand tire, not really any significant dunes in the area, but there are some sandy conditions mixed in with hard pan and slick rock. Regarding tires , run what you brung, your mx 33's will be fine. The entire area on the north side of ... more »

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You need a Utah OHV permit, yes. In Arches there is an OHV trail, not sure the specifics if it is limited to certain types of vehicles. You can of course ride the Slick Rock trail from town, and many of the other OHV trails, though some limit 2 wheel ... more »

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I have been telling people in this industry for years, the old track business model is dead. MX used to be the any mans motorsport, not anymore. Time to follow the dodo bird over to the local country club. This is how it works: Track/golf course/ ski ... more »

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You could potentially do it at St. Anthony in Idaho, just outside of Idaho Falls and about 4 hours north of SLC. The parking/camping lot is paved and plenty big enough for pits and all roads in and out are paved. The weather can be hot and windy, but ... more »

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You're dreaming, Alessi was never better than a top 10 SX guy in his prime. Hardly see how racing a 325 smoker changes that.

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Since you're racing vet class, why not build a 270f? HP built me one with a 250 Sxf as the base, modded the head, RnD throttle body and Vortex ignition. On pump gas on Dereks dyno it put out almost 53 hp, and of course needs to be screamed to make that ... more »