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Forget the TPI, the beauty of smokers is the simplicity. Since you ride a variety of terrain, I would go KTM, since you have infinite adjustment via the air forks. If you set up your KYB's for say mx at an intermediate level, they will beat the shit ... more »

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RMATV has some house branded

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I remember driving by there many a time when it was a just an undeveloped riding spot. Seems pretty dumb to turn it into a liability once again, but stupid is what government does best.

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Go to Medellin, million times better than Costa Rica. Are you a single man? Then it's a billion times better!

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I have a 17 that dyno'd just short of 53 hp, but it is bored 20 over. HP racing built it for me; massaged the head, R and D throttle body, Vortex ignition, and of course the big bore. Absolutely love the power and delivery, and it still handles like ... more »

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Yes there are still some places, like Grand Junction or Delta, Colorado. I never ride from my house, its about 2 miles to the nearest access point on country road, but other people do it.

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Imo the thing that is typically left out in this discussion is anatomy of each person. Someone shaped like a bowling ball isn't going to see a benefit. Someone that has a long neck on the other hand might. The old school neck roll makes the most sense ... more »

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Maybe the Federal Reserve can sponsor them, they print a fresh trillion every month!

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Make sure to put that sucker at TDC and tighten the holder bolt up. You will know because the bolt screws in all the way. DO that prior to pulling the valve cover.

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It would also allow your wheels to track the ground better, can tell when the bike is layed over in a turn and makes adjustments for those situations, not just jumps and bumps. Weight isn't really that much of an issue as the sensors and brain are very ... more »

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I do know that Fox put some Specialized kook in charge about a year ago, maybe he is responsible for killing Shift? Looking at his LinkedIn page he has always been focused on MTB, but did run One Industries for a while. Looks like to me that he has pretty ... more »

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Question is how much money do you have saved up? And how much of that is gold/silver/btc? You are only "young" once, so I say why not do it? In fact, I quit my cushy 6 figure job about 15 months ago and it has been awesome! Of course my dirtbike has ... more »

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I had one and loved it except for the starting procedure. You had to make sure to get them to TDC and then give her the full kick.

Started new thread Random Yz and some Yz/KX mini stuff...Complete SSS fork tubes...LIghtspeed...Steahly...G2 mini throttle 7/19/2020 3:40 PM

SSS fork tubes in 9/10 condition off of 2012 Yz 250f- $425 shipped in the lower 48 Lightspeed skid plate (w hardware) and rear brake caliper guard in 8/10 condition off of 06 + Yz 250- SOLD New-EBC Brake pads sintered (2 back, 1 front) for late model

... more »

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That would be an awesome shoot out....HP built KTM 270 vs. TM 300!

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I see you are still on the fence about putting the 270 kit on you KTM. Quit debating and do it, you will love it! Derek Harris built mine...270 kit...RnD Throttle body, Vortex, and some head work all built for pump gas. His dyno said 52.7 hp and the ... more »

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I second what Mustard said, Johnny converted mine and they are awesome. Might as well get the shock bladder while your at it.

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Who owns the land? Form a non-profit and lease the land to that non-profit to mitigate liability. That imo is the most important step you can take. It also won't hurt to elect a beneficiary of the non-profit that will be politically favorable. Meaning, ... more »

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That's who modified mine and the motor absolutely rips. On the other side of the coin, the customer service is at best average and I have read many a post that say they experienced something below average. Regardless, you will not be disappointed with ... more »

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I have an 2017 Sxf 270 that I absolutely love. Had a 2017 350 prior to it and the power is similar, but the 270 is definitely easier to handle. In my case I have the bigger jug, RnD throttle body, Vortex and the head was massaged just a little, but all ... more »