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47mm Honda front end. With how that front axle is installed, better be sure to get all the bushings too. Hope nothing is jacked from being cycled with the bind that front end is in.

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Abolish cell phones and tablets for kids under 16. Have them go outside again and ride bmx and dirtbikes. Its too easy for kids to potato out in front of a screen.

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Nothing super trick but a couple solid improvements. And some pictures of him at his first race a few weeks ago.

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The Ricky Carmichael eject crash from Washougal was over the famous Leach's lump. RIP Bob and Linda.

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Its everywhere and it's just small amounts of time. 1/10th of a second in a corner slower doesn't look like like a lot. But with 10 corners on a track, well, it adds up. Add a 1/10th of second on each jump, and add .5 to 1 second in the whoops and there ... more »

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Not abnormal. I've seen rebar sticking out of a lip of a rhythm section at Daytona, car parts from monster jam shows in the regular stadiums, and bricks and concrete are pretty common. In Toronto 2016 a concrete block the size of a small cooler in the ... more »

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Mainly budget holds back the smaller teams. Suspension and different tranny ratios will be the biggest expenses and the smaller teams for the most part cant afford that level of stuff.

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Some update photos! Picked up Saturday night, hit the races Sunday morning!

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You could use ACF50 and then wash it off when you get there. I use that stuff under my truck and when I wash it down after winter it looks fresh again! But really, good coating of Sc1 would be fine

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Your mind doesn't forget how to ride. Your body on the other hand, well, its gonna hate you hahaha. Have fun dude!

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Went out to Woodland Mx Park in Washington with my 4 year old for his first race today. It was Vintage MX and beginner day. Anyway, the vintage bikes tickled my race gas and castor oil feelers so I picked this up tonight, so I can race tomorrow with

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James' riding style on the 125 worked. I honestly don't think anyone from any era could touch him the on the 125 or even a 250f. The bigger bikes not the same story. He is definitely the 125 GOAT, regardless of what record books show. He was just that ... more »

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Absolutely take the swingarm, linkage and triple clamps off of the thing and grease them. Then when putting it all back together, follow the service manual for how to torque the chassis. You will have to loosen the engine and exhaust, and each manufacturer ... more »

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Shes a beaut Clark

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Yeah that's not normal. If a modern two stroke doesn't start in a couple of kicks its user error. Thing probably had 98 PSI of compression, a spark plug gap of .053 and an air filter that hasn't been changed for the last 7 rides.

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He alr

He had a shot on that team and left for the Honda ride.
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When I rode Suzuki in 04 and 05 the contingency was great. Bummer was, most of it went back to Suzuki from buying cylinder heads and water pump seals

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Theres just too many!!

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And even before then you can add Pichon Gaddis Antunez Ramsey Brown Bentley Hughes

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