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I remember when this jumped up ginger headed kid appeared to be on every P.E.D under the sun in order to even try and compete with this up and coming young black kid. Nearly every interview the ginger kid did - you could tell he was wired to the gills. ... more »

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Love your work Rup

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Welcome back to the spiritual father of supercross. I cant wait for the sermon.

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20+ fueling bays at your gas station? Is that common?
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Tomac would wax RV. RV would wax RC. RC would wax MC. Different eras. The sport progresses.

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Last I saw JS was covering him whilst riding a 250 2t while RC was on a 450. JS was on a completely different level to RC.

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moto 2 proved it. - in sprint mode - No one has ever ridden a motocross bike faster than Eli Tomac.

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Wouldn't get a start - everywhere else - great.

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Spot the guy who didn't get a gear deal this year. Maybe that gear company should actually hire a designer for a change? (at least it has history unlike FLY),6084

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Oh man, what a massive peice of shit. Nico Izzi is going to die really early unless he moves to Africa and becomes a farmer or some other tribal shit that removes him from drugs and privilege. Waste of a life.

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You're a bloody legend ! -Full interview with GuyB here:,6045 A heartfelt thanks for relentlessly progressing the sport.

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Fastest toddler on the planet. Congrats to James and family. Bloody awesome.

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Fuck SX - its just a show run by rip off merchants, AMA MX however - They should just keep doing what they are doing - its already the fastest racers in the world racing the best tracks in the world. Adding more money would just end up making it too ... more »

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I was rooting for Marvin. Good on him.

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Who has that photo of Nicole and Carrie on the vintage Yamaha? Dayum girls

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Jesus. Sucks that the trick was stolen. Freestyle sucks. Videos suck. Videoes of freestyle sucks even more. Xgames sucks. Xgames realmoto sucks even more.