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He never went as fast on any other bike.. looks like it handled good to me

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If the shock spring is standard - it might be a 95 - as that year had a yellow spring. The graphics look 93. Ask for the frame number and find out from that?

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Fuck supercross. Its a show. It is so money-driven it will steal any novel new sponsor from teams. Its not grass roots. Its a circus that doesn't pay its talent.

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I have never liked El hombre as a racer - until recently - he definitely knows where the passing spots are on the track - and is probably the strongest guy out there, at not buckling to pressure. He is also fast as fuuck. Whats not to like about team ... more »

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On the latest Whiskey Throttle show - Mike "The Rock" LaRocco talks about how all the elite riders he has seen believed in themselves from early on - and this provided momentum for them to be on the front foot their entire careers. This is a very similar ... more »

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A 450 is way to much bike for a n00b thats for sure. I would get a 250 MAXIMUM As far as 450's go though - The RMZ 450 of that generation is widely regarded as one of the best platforms ever made.

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Whos had it? Reed RC? Covington

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There was no drug testing back then. Was common for the top riders to be blood doping etc

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At the end of the day - that fan would give DF a good rimming - given half the chance... Just a young douche passionate about moto. Its the equivalent of a block pass during a race. Its nothing personal.

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SOMEONE SHOULD MAKE AN MX GAME that is free - have a patreon donation for super fans. No buying bikes etc. NEW TRACKS EVERY WEEK. Sponsors. No evolution - just new tracks. Every week.

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Malin is crap. For sure he has his tiny moments. The rest is on par with the production quality of the mxgp highlights reels on youtube.

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Im surprised Courtney Duncan hasn't tried to qualify. Nothing against this fast girl, I just think Duncan is probably way faster again.

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A lot of mx fans dislike freestyle. Its not hard to fathom. 2 different worlds. Jump for show, corner for dough. or Jump for dough, corner for show. Dungey or Twitch Marathon runner or Free runner

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According to an online inflation calculator - that's 2.8 Mil in 2019 us dollars.

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Damn she has got nice eyes.

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#1, especially with 2 bikes on a "mini-truck" -works better angles when hitching the outside tie downs to the side of the tray. If you haven't tried #1 please try it - once you go above bottom triple you never go back

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There was some definite chemistry between her and Dan Blair - especially in the early rounds of SX.

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If you assume that only the top 1% of mx fans a.k.a the "true enthusiasts" intentionally watch the mx live.. Then OP's argument is invalid.

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What a refreshing video from Jason Anderson and the chaps. The videos are made in an out-there style, but really makes you feel like you are just hanging out and talking crap with the fellas.

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