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Tusk is the in-house shop-brand from Rocky Mountain - a great cheap option for noobs. But there is no way they give 2 shits about their shifter design / manufacture / evolution. Hammerhead is actually in the business of making good shifters / brake pedals. ... more »

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Its ironic that he trains with RR who was the exact same guy as AF is now throughout his entire pro career.

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Cheers Guyberson for the circus and fellow v-tards for some of the acts. There is no place I would rather be.

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Maybe team fried will give Kawi some much needed youtube presence

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A fella above was saying he used paypal instead of credit card - as a work around.

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HB Tefus - the man, the myth, the legend. RIP

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Still looking for attention

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They have so many Austrian riders / support riders in the 450 main - their bike has 5x the testing of any Jap band per night show track - so for an sx race - they are actually on the best bike. Its also significantly lighter than the rest. Nice job Stefan ... more »

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Existential reality moment: We are all "bros" to non rider folk. I can guarantee no matter how much you earn, or what country you live - if you post on vital you have a certain cali dialect that will make you seem a little bit like a "bro" to other folks. ... more »

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How great was that!! Would be so good to do a part 2 one day - with a different co host who has spent some years with Dave A - selected by Dave A. Such a wealth of historic bench racing info - I kept day-dreaming about the stories when listening - then ... more »

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I would happily pay us$1000 for a pair of these is anyone ever comes across some they want to sell

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Im gutted I never saw the FMOTP ride in person. Dude was hands down the fastest man to ever ride a dirtbike. To add to the list: When he squared RV2 up and cut inside him over a little rise in SX - such a bizarre line no one else would ever think to ... more »

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What a great story. Cheers guys. Sidenote - Regis raced a supercross in New Zealand back in the late 90s - im sure you were there too ping. I bet that was a good time.... As a young person at the time - I couldn't believe the size of the jumps.

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Awesome listen. Thanks guys Ping you look like a freshly shaven 16 year old :p

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I have been a big critic at times - but dude-bro has his place in this rapidly changing media world and he asks some pretty good questions. I think Mathes may be getting a little jealous after being the #1 guy for so long.. its a bit ironic that Pulp ... more »

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-HE CLEARLY KNEW WHAT WAS GOING ON BEHIND HIM -That was why he did it Trying to gain favor with Webb to get into the big boys club at Aldons? (There is no way in hell a pro rider like him does not know exactly who is behind him, and probably the guy ... more »

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That pass he put on Marv was one of the all-time-most-bad-ass-passes I have ever seen in my life. Ferrandis is legit.

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CR finally met his crush - wonder if they had but secks?

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Is that his Dad? What a GC