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Cool to see Kvamme back in the sport. No doubt they will have the best party in the pits if Jamey Grosser "the peoples champ" is involved. Whats the bet they sign Marv and Chad?

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Sidenote: Those WTS graphics are the shittiest looking graphics on earth. Pitty because its a good show

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Herlings may be the FMOTP - but hes still a Dutch knob jockey

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He has some great calls! "And it will say Guess who? on the chalk board"

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Best to leave it like it is and keep the peace. Some a$$holes have a problem and downvote nearly everything I post - I dont want to know who they are

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Im watching the Lawrence show - its about Darren Lawrences dreams from about 5 years ago coming true

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Looks like he is a total moto head! - he started 24mx (euro moto online store) - that made him wealthy - and he has founded this new electric bike with his own $$ - mad props. - no doubt he lingers or posts on here. - Nice work guy!

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"Woke garbage and a harbinger of Moto death"

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Knocked it out of the park again boys!

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Hes got the right attitude that guy.

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Dude just needs to take half a tab of acid and kick back in bed all day snacking on vegetarian food. He will no doubt come up with some similar thoughts. -I'm excited for him because AC is a thinker - it will do a lot for him.

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It seems like there is a clear agenda to discredit the AMA outdoors in multiple ways. -I wonder how much of this comes from MXGP or someone wanting to take over? People are complaining about the presenters, the advertising and the Coombs family. Some ... more »

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Get well soon champion !

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Don't let them take away your freedoms, cowboy

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If he was really serious he would go back to Aldon. That would signal to the world (and his own subconscious mind) that he is a winner who can last the distance, and a stoic man who doesn't let emotions & past get in the way of future success. Sometimes ... more »

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*BUMP* Another massive congratulations to Bobby Regan / Eli Tomac. 2022 450 SX CHAMPIONS LEGENDS !!!

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Hunter is a stud - worldly beyond his years

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People saying he wont get results are being highly disrespectful of his past achievements. He is a multi time champ - if he races the season he will be in the top 5 / a contender. He is not looking for an excuse to sit on the couch all summer - unlike ... more »