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HB to the OG. Have a great day bro

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Troll trains vlogs will in theory be the reality of speed 2

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If everything always smell like shit - Charboneau should check under his own boots. That podcast guy leading the interview is also a sad excuse for a human, Dangling of Charboneaus nuts whenever he could like an excited little fan boy who just met his ... more »

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We all have an ex - (almost) pro friend. Whenever he has a few beers he cant help but talking about his complex - what would COULD have once been (if he had worked harder and not taken his opportunities for granted) -They always say the same shit * They ... more »

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Hopefully he gets on a Yami 250 and will no doubt do better than the JGR bike anyway.

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Some good racing - copy n paste link

Started new thread Whiskey Throttle Show with Dave Osterman 10/23/2020 7:56 PM

What am absolute pleasure to watch. Thanks for the stories Dave (and thanks for your insights on the forums over the last few years)

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He is such a gimp

Started new thread Thanks Jeff Majkrzak & co its been an awesome ride 10/11/2020 11:46 AM

What a legendary team. Sad to see it go. I hope they reinvent themselves one day

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Its where Tomac stores his desire to win, and AC stores his extra pointy shoulder sockets. No one else can win if they reach down and grab supplies

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JC32 pretty clearly has aspergers imo

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Zach Osborne is the fastest motocrosser in the world right now

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How many more HP do you think a STAR YZF250 makes than a GEICO CRF250? 5?

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(Photo cred - vitalmx Founder slash Ringmaster)

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I bet those MDK crf450s had some money spent on them. Same with the H&H Suzukis - or were they factory bikes?

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"A big shot is a little shot who just kept on shootin" Congrats AC

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All hat and no cattle

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199, RC, RV, RD, MC, JS, TC, ET, KR, JA, MM, RD-THEMAN, Genova, Grondahl, HART, HOLIGAN, MDK, LE BLANC, DEEGAN all investors (1 Mil each boys pony up and own the show) - lead by BOBBY HEWITT - who would make the rest happen & Purchase SX - making ... more »

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