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I'm going watch for the actual racing, pit reporter not so much.

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This, very helpful

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I was there many years ago and your right to about the multi story shops and the whole street was dealership after dealership, really cool.

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Very Cool! Happt Birthday Aiden!

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Congratulations on building a great product and brand and now getting the opportunity to reap the rewards of all the work put in. Enjoy your retirement!

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I remember seeing that as a kid, nice find. Thanks for posting that.He was pretty winded when he csme in, made the bike look tiny.

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It's been exactly two motos, lets see how the next few races go before we decide the team is worthless. A couple good starts for the boys in green and things might look a whole lot different.

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FTE, Thanks for sharing that vid, very cool. I think the track near Pescadero was called Knob Hill Ranch. AMA Dist 36 put on races there. I really liked the big hills of that track and the park had some really nice trails. Fun place.

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Directv NBCSN has it at 7:00 pm tonight, was . Supposed to be on directly after the first motos. I think it got bumped for Hockey.

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That laundry list of damage looks like surgery to me, but I'm no doctor. Listen to the professional and take rehab seriously. I've had left side ACL, MCL surgery and of course the meniscus cleaned up a few times. About five years ago I had total knee ... more »

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He will have some good motos but will finish outside of the top five when the series ends.

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That would be a great show!

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By far the most durable gear I've ever owned and the most expensive I've owned, I been riding dirt bikes for 50 years, I've been through a lot of gear in that time.

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That could possibly be the nicest XR 200 ever built, Love it !

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No you not the only person, I sometime would rather read than listen.

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I bet he's salty, having to go be involved in a stupid gender reveal party. Many reasons to have a party and that is not one of them.

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Loved that era, really cool. Thanks for sharing.