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Way back in the day I used to race a YZ125 and a YZ400, if the open race was after the 125 race the first few corners were kind of crazy as I would ride the 400 like a 125 but then I would settle down and be fine. The 125 felt slow so it was pinned all ... more »

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Cool Pic.

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Great pics!

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Not a bad idea if your scenario played out, but if the points payout was as you stated, the points standings today would not be nearly as close as it is today, thus making the remaining races not near as exciting, Eli would be loving it though.

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Going to a buddies house tonight. He wathces live so he's not sure.

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Looking forward to seeing him ride the Nationals, SX will be bit of a learning curve but he will adapt.

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Supposed to be 102 today, So yeah 61 sounds great.

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Very nice of you, cool gesture.Sorry you can't make it. For all those going have a great time,

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Deserving of the honor. Congrats.

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He's having a great year, Congrats.

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John Roder successfully claimed Marty Tripes works Honda, He then let Jerome Highberger race it locally, was a very cool bike and was cool to see in the pits around Nor- Cal at the time.,or%20%244000%20for%20a%20500. ... more »

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Because racing motorcycles is a complete rush and is fun as hell.

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Good Choice and congratulations

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Quality over Quanity is the key.

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And it's as cool a thread today as it was back then.

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If asked I strap on a helmet and ride and I always ask my friends if they would like to ride mine.

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Read this:,21459/ML512,13480

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I agree with some of what you say but ther gates at the Nationals are full, There is room for 90 riders per class and this weekend 116 450 riders showed up, so some were turned away. So filling the gates is not one of the problems you alluded to. Low ... more »

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Nice work, congrats!

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