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what’s your fuel mixture / jetting specs

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no hour meter on the gas gas stock?

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crazy i rode the same bikes yesterday i’ve got a 17 sx250 with a kehien carb and a pc slip on and rode my friends 19 sxf250 on the weekend. the 4 strokes power was just so much higher in the rpm it was hard to get used too and it would fall on it’s face ... more »

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i’ve ran motul 300v ever since and never had a clutch issue

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dat oil made me clutch slip a long time ago haven't used it since

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dang im still running the oem set up from a 17sx250 haha 70hrs on them and no complaints/ big jumps rough chop it seems to soak it all up still at 70 hrs almost

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tech 10 i had a pair of sg12’s fall apart really early and gaerne did nothing about it

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2017 sx250 40:1 with Maxima K2

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I rode one with a full fmf pipe it was fast and nice but after 2 laps and thought it was a heavy turd and couldn't wait to get back on my 2 smoker

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I've been on 250 2smokes for a while sometimes i get the bug in my head thinking those new fancy lookin 4 joke 450's look nice then I ride a buddys and remember how there such heavy turds that feel like a harley compared to a flickable dirtscoot

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I might be going crazy, but is Akrapovic making a 2-1 exhaust for the new crf? I thought i seen a pic of it in the pit bits from Europe but ive looked through them all and can't find it again!

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the old sg12s lasted forever the new ones lasted 6 months before falling apart. gaerne offered me nothing so i moved to tech 10’s and there comfier for me and haven’t fallen apart

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On my 17 I tossed on a Khiehn card with stock jetting specs from a 03sx250 and the bike has ran flawless since. Slapped on a pc pipe / non-shorty exhaust and dropped down a tooth on the back and it feels almost too much like a 4 stroke now but i can ... more »

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make THE track lol

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How come you dropped the 19yz?

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Im sure the 19 would be a better bike it just would need some tweaking to get there with mapping or gearing etc / the 2018 just felt racier - keep in mind i haven't spent a ton of time on these bikes i ride 2 smokes lol

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I rode the 2019 ktm's over the weekend at a demo day, main bike is a 2017 sx250 and a play bike 2014 sx125 the new 450 was the factory edition and had a full fmf mega bomb pipe on it, this bike was weird it was fast ( of course ) but so smooth it made ... more »

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I went from a 06 rm250 to a 15yz250 and now a 17sx250 it seemed like a step up each time with all of the bikes having there own characteristics that made one a bit better then the other but overall the ktm is the easiest to ride with the motor so smooth ... more »

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Put 160psi in the forks and leter rip

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I launched my 60 foot freestyle ramp 10 feet to flat on my 17sx250 and the bike soaked it up so well ill have to check the frame..............