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Everything he said is right. I have an A and B kit off of a 07 450 that bolts up to my 02. Triple trees will work too if you use the 02 stem and bearings

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This. If I can't rip one off on a jump and I'm having trouble seeing I'll slow down a little more in the next corner and make sure I pull it

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Level. Easiest way to shift. My little brother runs his one tooth above level and it feels like I'm hanging off the rear fender to get it to shift

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Yea it's supercross format. Usually there's more than 40 riders to a class so the first moto is a qualifier for the main. In this case it looks like maybe just a gate pick race

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Idk about that. I stood next to him watching races at lorettas and the dude looked pretty fit

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I sent the crank out to get balanced on mine and it made a world of difference. Barely vibrates more than my rm250. Here's mine

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Same here I've had three now. All three had trans issues. Had my last one lock solid on a third gear tapped table. Luckily for my ankles/legs I stepped over the bars, cleared the entire jump perfectly and landed on the downside in soft dirt. Everyone

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Seat time. It's all in the seat time. You can be in the best shape in the world and still get tired in 4 laps on a dirt bike. Simply holding your breath for a few seconds each lap in different sections on the track will wear you out. You need to get ... more »

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Watched him come from 21st to first in that last moto after he fell. He's a bad dude on motocross track that's for sure

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Even though his bike broke watching Reynard come through the pack on that 125 was moto bliss

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It's funny you say that. I definitely think there was more of a respect for the bike back then. I have a cr500af I just started riding again. showing up to the track with it I might as well show up in a Ferrari with the amount of older guys that come ... more »

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The practice track has a whole nother breed of idiots over there holy hell.. I will give them props though. The A practices are true A riders. They make you show proof that you are one. I would know. I've ridden in the B practice too many times after ... more »

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Gotta agree with you here. I've been at etown for a practice day and watched a total Joey novice putt up and over the staircase. Only to watch him turn around ride back along side of the staircase and hop back on the track in the corner before headed ... more »

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Here's my cr500af

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Double post

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Awesome build man. I've been following this closely as I'm currently looking for a van to start my own. I had an idea toward what I was going to do with the pressure washer and that's to unbolt the motor and pump from the frame and bolt it right to the ... more »

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20+2 no tech any of the years I've raced. Dog house and slightly inside has always worked for me. But I pulled the holeshot in 250A pro sport one time from just about dead inside. Just try not to get stuck on the far outside or your day is over before ... more »

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I'm in the same boat. Haven't raced competively in 4 years. But when I show up for a practice day these young bucks see me and remember me from 4 years ago and try to bang bars with me. Cutting the track to drop in behind me and etc. it's always like ... more »