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No one test riding my bike. I will ride it in front of them but no way they're swinging a leg over it

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I think Alessi races kickers arenacross. Hicks is the one winning the Hoosier one

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No one going to say Jeff is wrong about this also with friese. It wasn't on the last lap my guy. It was on third lap of the semi. Friese is problem, ask anyone in the pits except for Alessi or some of the mcr team. Brayton and mookie when they were on ... more »

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Actually they're bringing in the same dirt. They keep the dirt storage and dirt isnt cheap so they're using that dirt and bringing in some more near the track with sand

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Jett getting interviewed if not on the podium is on the level of Bubba on 125s and McGrath in the late 90s. They would show interview on them all the time even if he didn't finish top 3. Feld's job is to sale the sport and promote it and right now its ... more »

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Not going to happen. Worse idea in history for mitch putting forkner on a 450. He needs to sit out until nationals and run 1 more yr 250s in 2022. Hopefully he top 3 this summer and come next yr wins both titles will be the plan. Jmart and Cooper will ... more »

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The qualifiers is the race day live. Thats what theyre calling it for like 2 years. Its not practice its qualifying

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Well Vince friese had him covered in the practices and scrimmage races. Vince is a 12 to 16th place guy. I say 15th to 20th place guy when field is completely healthy for max. I will say that Vince speed is with Shane and beat him in the scrimmage also ... more »

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My track was 2ft high and 12ft apart. Biggest problem was the maintenance on whoops so we actually didn't have it on the track so we put it by the turn track just for a select few to practice on before arenacross started. It actually helped us bc we ... more »

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1. Webb - going to win 3 races but most podiums 2. Tomac- 4 wins but couple bad races bc bad starts 3. AC- 5 WINS but could of been champ but crashes hold him back 4. Roczen- 2 wins alot of podiums 5. Barcia alot of top 5s 6. Osborne- 1 win but just ... more »

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Musquin was 4 yrs older than roczen that yr in 2010. Thats a huge difference at those ages and roczen and herlings game came up alot in 2011. My point is that I wouldn't say musquin argument being that he beat herlings and roczen so he is above webb ... more »

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Lol really, herlings was 14 yrs old and roczen was 15. Marv was 19 or 20 at the time. Herlings would waxed marv in 12 and roczen would won in 2011 against marv

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January 23rd looks like conor McGregor vs dustin will be at Dallas stadium

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Heard he signed last night with 2 yr deal with pro circuit 450 in 2022 if he wins 250 supercross title in 21

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Lawrence Brothers at hrc J mart at pc Jo, Mumford, hartraft, drake, Harrison, amart looking to fill gas gas, ktm, and jgr Suzuki

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I believe they will let him use number 5 as a past champion and no one uses the 5

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I hate to tell ppl this and even myself I'm not a huge fan that these guys with instragram bangers make so much money but axell makes more money then every factory rider except for the top 5 guys. He bringing home with everything around 1 million. Yes ... more »

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Mayor said ppl are allowed to travel to work so pretty sure they will be allowed to have the close event. Isnt like spectators allowed anyways. So as long as they get everyone off the streets should be fine

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As long as every thing gets under control by tonight it should be fine but if it's still going on tomorrow I can see it getting cancelled