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DC, was there an onboard camera use application form required by riders to submit in 2020 or prior years?

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Here is what the competition bulletin say: c. Helmet-mounted cameras or other recording devices of any type are prohibited. Riders may request approval to use Onboard Cameras for mounting on the motorcycle or body of the rider, other than the helmet, ... more »

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If you read the OP's link it states you must get approval for any onboard camera. So who's to say they approve a handlebar or chest protector mounted camera. Plus the footage must meet their terms and conditions, that's the money grab part. No more full ... more »

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I feel bad that Terry has done you and so many wrong. Your best option at this point seeing how Hollister is only 5 hours from his shop is to get in your car and make the trip to pick up your engine. No one wants to drive that distance but it's probably ... more »

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Looks like it's still available on NBC Sports Gold for international viewers only. The non-international web address says it's no longer available and must be watched through Peacock.

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I believe you are thinking of Danny Storbeck. Last I heard he lived down around San Antonio and was running a trucking company, although that has been years ago.

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You didn't say if it was new or used. If used I would repack he silencer. One other option may be to have him ride with ear plugs if it bothers him that much.

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Since COVID I have stopped ordering from companies that don't list a phone number and I always call before ordering just to make sure someone answers. Seems like great customer service isn't a standard companies strive for now days. And nothing makes ... more »

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I think it's mental. Every time he faces adversity (crash or pressure) he cracks. And I'm not taking anything away from him, the guy has been through allot.

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Lefty Loosy, Righty Tighty Right compresses the spring, making the bike sit higher. Left takes compression off the spring, making the bike sit lower.

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The same reason everyone else in the pits is wearing one. They are mandated. The guys are in a studio (press box) within the stadium, not in the pits.

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I didn't see where you mentioned how much time the bike has on it but I would pull the pipe off and look up into the cylinder and make sure the exhaust port hasn't carbon'd up, if it becomes restricted then they won't rev out. It would be hard to believe ... more »

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Ok. I wouldn't blindly put a "D" piston (66.38mm) into a STD cylinder (66.40mm) as that only equates to .000787 inch clearance. I would never run a bike with less than .0015 inch clearance (.002 for big bikes) for a cast piston (more for a forged), that's ... more »

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A résumé, sometimes spelled resume, called a CV in English outside North America, is a document created and used by a person to present their background, skills, and accomplishments. Résumés can be used for a variety of reasons, but most often they are ... more »

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As did I.

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"Shitting on a kid"? Sorry but I don't consider someone getting ready to be 20 a kid. If that was the case then Vital would have to change their name to Romper Room.

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Don't ever become a riding coach, tobz.

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Nice mask Dungey wearing, you can see his mouth through it. Like it's see through.

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Sorry but Timken has outsourced to China and Taiwan, maybe not all but a large portion. Your best bet for non Chinese/Taiwanese bearings are to buy OEM.

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Don't drink and stationary bike, you might fall off and get knocked unconscious.