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Maybe I stand corrected. I raced a 2010 RMZ450 for years and I can tell you that the FC350 has no where near the balls the Suzuki did. At the end of the day someone expecting the 350 to be very similar to a 450 would be disappointed. As I stated, it ... more »

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The 350 is more compared to the 250. I’ve read a lot of comments how some people are disappointed in the power delivery of the 350 when comparing to a 450. The 350 allows your to ride low like a 450, but have the aggressiveness of a 250 while winding ... more »

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I’m grateful we have a company devoted to MX. But man, has this team hit a wall the last few games. Nothing really new and exciting. I know you can only take a game so far, but I feel as though the communities suggestions have fallen on deaf ears.

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Why do riders even talk to this guy? I can’t stand his content. Every podcast he tries to act like the personality of the rider he’s interviewing and it’s cringy as hell.

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Love to see a smaller team scoop him up and he come and kill it. Any kid with that much raw speed and talent that is getting passed on is crazy

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News to me. I never listened to the podcast though. His post is still up on IG as well.

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Happens to me everyday on my phone. I could log in to make a comment, type it in, and than logs me out before my comment is made. Frustrating. iPhone8 with new iOS but have had issues for a long time now.

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I don’t see him going back to a Suzuki which eliminates HEP. Very little talk about the team Amart is on, but I would think that would be a realistic solution if they are doing a 450 effort. What about ML512’s team? Keeps him on a Honda and a great way ... more »

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Off season topics LET'S GO (see what I did there). O'Neal's marketing strategy is definitely different than any other gear company right now (IMO). They currently have some of Youtube/Instagram's most popular influencers. Buttery, Deano, AJ Cat, Tido, ... more »

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Man 2020 is weird. I thought Justin Hill preformed very well last year, especially after his awful 450 debut on JGR. I think both Savatgy and Hill are more valuable at this point in their career over Tickle (NATURAL SPEED WISE IF THEY ARE PUTTING IN ... more »

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I would be surprised if anyone ever ended up getting a set once paid. Huge JLaw fan, but this is just sketch. Dude is selling old plastics and graphics. My guess he isn’t doing great.

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Yes, to FGR’s point the D.I.D rims and spokes are not great. They were on my 19 Honda last year as well and wasn’t overly impressed compared to many years with Excels. They are notorious for becoming loose especially during the first 10 hours of riding. ... more »

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I have a few buddies that transitioned from the 20 to 21 Husky and they claimed it was like night and day difference. Can’t speak on the KTM.

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All depends what you’re looking to achieve as far as what you’re riding. I’d suggest a 10+ RMZ 250f. I had great luck with a handful of them. If you’re going pre fuel injected I’d say the Yamaha. Otherwise look at getting another 2-stroke. The jump from ... more »

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In the part of Canada I live in we actually can’t title/register competition motorcycles anymore. The original owner pays the taxes and fees and that’s it. The way it should be! However, since there is no title/registration buying a used bike is much ... more »

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Tough to watch. I get where Rhyno is coming from, but completely out of context. It is true that people don’t realize how gnarly this sport is. We’ve all seen beginner adults that get into the sport that end up hurt very quickly because they think they’re ... more »

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Unreal this guy doesn’t have a deal (that we know of). Several top finishes all year over guys with expired time in the lites class.

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I thought Zay's caption was clickbait, but god damn that was intense! I see Lieb more in the wrong here than Palmer, but still it's a pit bike race. In fairness, with $1,500 on the line and just watched the leader cut the track I would have most likely ... more »

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It has way more bottom end than the 2-stroke. I am easily doing leaps that my other riding buddies with 2-strokes have a much harder time getting over. I’m personally much more comfortable on my 350 in the sand over my 2-stroke. I think a lot of it has ... more »