Added reply in a thread New bike tomorrow.. 350 or 450 4/30/2021 7:13 AM

There are a few “heavier” set vets in my region that run the 350’s and love them. My vote is for the 350. After running one for an entire year the bike has all kinds of power. It was one of the first years I’ve never got that pumped up either. I don’t ... more »

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I didn’t think there was a glimmer of chance Coop was winning tonight when seeing those whoops. He proved me wrong...that was one deadly championship ride. I can’t believe Kenny threw that away.

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Coming from a guy that rides with his foot on the brake and is the one that always has squeaky brakes - EBC MXS Series Race Sintered pads have been the best (copper color). I will go through a stock set of rear Husky pads in 6ish hours in dry conditions. ... more »

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He certainly can, but it should be 31 or 32’s year.

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AP7 has the potential to do exactly what Webb has done. I have been saying this all along. We are so quick to write these guys off after a bad year or two. I could see both staying, but Mookie more than AP7.

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New kit done for this year by yet again Decal Works and Sean Murdock!

... more »
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All three mains have ended up with him on the ground. That one last night was weird. He looks like he is riding over his head all the time.

Added reply in a thread Carson Mumford 3/14/2021 6:17 AM

Yes, has to be frustrating for him. These rides will only push his ego and confidence down when he’s way better than the results on the board. I had him pegged as one of the underdogs this season placing in the top 10 consistently. Fan of his and hope ... more »

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2 pages on this thread since the press release about us getting another SX game. The marketing they did on this is laughable. Hardly any news, videos, or info about it. Very disappointing. Clearly the die hard gamers could give a shit either cause they ... more »

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That was really scary. He was KO'ed longer than I've seen anyone before. Was really routing for Joey this year too....damn the ClubMX bike and gear look some good too.

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Sounds like a You problem lol. Click the "Who's in qualifying" and take 2 minutes to review RacerX qualifying results to see if any rider has a medic flag beside their name.

Added reply in a thread Cooper under your skin much, Kenny? 3/6/2021 7:34 PM

Clean best bet a block pass in the first few turns is going to happen if the opportunity comes. That was a comment by “old” Kenny...hopefully he can regroup and not let this get in his head. We all know the trend. Coop comes on strong at ... more »

Added reply in a thread Ryan Sipes: 264 3/6/2021 3:27 PM

It's so cool to see this guy making a career this way. One of the most gifted riders on a bike.

Added reply in a thread Sexton Wall Jump 3/6/2021 3:24 PM

Was waiting for someone to pull that out. JS7 would of done that 2nd lap in Quali #1 back in the day.

Added reply in a thread Greatest SX Main Event Ride of All Time 2/28/2021 6:57 PM

Surprised I had to scroll this far to see this comment. I watched both races a few weeks ago (TO and 250 Vegas). Both impressive in there own way. The pure gnarly speed and perfection Stew had that night compared to the rest of the worlds best riders ... more »

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After rewatching this I don’t believe McAdoo was in the wrong here. They had a tough block on the track blocking the inside line and flaggers/workers waving the riders to go to the outside. Cooper barley gets by without hitting the medic and McAdoo is

... more »
Added reply in a thread Jordon Smith... 2/20/2021 11:35 PM

I miss worded what I was trying to get at...basically stating that Bogle got a championship in 250’s and than its mostly been downhill since. Same with Savatgy, but never actually clinched a title.

Added reply in a thread Any word on the Martin Brothers? 2/20/2021 7:53 PM

Yup. Championship is out of reach now. That was a heavy hit especially for someone who had a major injury to their back. Super unfortunate. His success in SX has been so troublesome with weird incidents like that. Almost time for him to pull the Outdoors ... more »

Started new thread Jordon Smith... 2/20/2021 7:46 PM

I can’t help but feel bad for this dude... Tons of speed, but his career is starting to look like Bogle’s and Savatgy’s without a championship (or nearly one - minus 17). Ever since that hectic Vegas race his seasons have just been full of injuries. ... more »

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I feel for the guy. He 100% deserved a 250 ride and didn’t get it. The jump to 450 was too soon, but you got to go where the money is. I was really routing for him coming into the season, but this is basically where I expected him to be finishing. The ... more »