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Doubt they know, buttttt will there be a new video game coming out with all supercross and motocross tracks? Lie to me and say "yes".

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If/When I come back to riding I will be doing Sprint Enduro. I like watching MX but the money and time are just not for me.

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I have Mav TV plus and didnt get a discount link email. In other news we still have the snapchat map, hopefully this link works:,-86.322498,9.99z

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Great interview. David’s interview skills are increasing at a rapid rate, sounds like he’s been doing this much longer than he has. The little bits of info from all of them are awesome. Craig has a goofy contract relating to quitting, Yamaha has a patent ... more »

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What happens when Jett gets busted for doing roids before KTM Mini E cross or him and his brother tag teaming a monster chick ? The kids human and every rollercoaster ride has to go down eventually. They are building him up too fast too far. You cant ... more »

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Is this a test for the other retro neon colors? I love it!!

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Took our kids to Monster Jam at Ford Field a few weeks ago, place was packed and kids loved it. Crazy that monster trucks is where Feld makes its money, they put on a hell of a show.

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Find a red sticker bike that takes the same jet and pretend you have that bike.

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Ahh yes the Italians. Known for their technical achievements in…helmet safety? Sorry bro but you will never convince me that Jason/Justin wouldn’t have been better off in a 6D ATR-2 or a Fly Formula.

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Perfect for less serious kids that are not full moto committed. I do with it used a standard SAE charger but this is the perfect step up from the 16 inch Stacyc IMO.

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bro that pipe!!!

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Someone there will live stream it. Stamp it.

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ASV makes a brake lever that puts the lever closer to the childs hand, something I may be looking into. We have a 12 brush and a 16 brushless husky and both kids love them. Im going to look into a craftsman battery mod next.

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Ill be the one to state the obvious, this isn't going to be cheap but a good start is VP fuel and a Lectron carb for 98% of people. From there an extremely clean/ recently rebuilt/ well running engine, not some 28 hour clapped out special (what I had ... more »

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That was wild!!!!

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The quality of Pit Bits alone keeps me coming back. I LOVE the detail, the hidden things each team is doing ect.

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Insult the largest media platform, gear guy, and the nationals(where you excel) announcer...what a great idea.

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So looks like the TLD MC450 comes with factory start, launch control, traction control, different suspension, motor guard, red clamps, AK Exhaust, rotor guard, mx33, and possibly other parts that I am missing. WP XACT 5448 vs AER for standard MC450.

... more »
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Is this the Oak Island narrator ?