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Cooksey seems like a tool, he keeps repeating "he lied to me" and that seems to really offend him. Being in the media isn't for him if he's so butthurt about not getting the truth.

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He's a top 10 guy and also has the 2nd largest social following. There's a lot of value there.

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The broadcast last night was terrible, there were few replays of things such as that incident and what happens to Ferrandis.

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You guys are crazy lol, you realize he had surgery just before the season started? Cut him some that case should Husky sit Zach?

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And the opposite happened H2. I'd chalk up H1 to a rarity, especially on a night where Eli and Sexton are outside top ten. He should beat Brayton and Davalos(DNF).

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See I feel like he just finishes where he starts, he rarely moves forward. Think he's a long way from a win. He got passed by 3 people in one lane last night.

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They've been saying that for 3 years

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Funny because in most his videos he says he's on Lake Norman with all the NASCAR guys, but this house is on a different lake almost an hour away.

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He does that pretty much every weekend, its pretty ridiculous.

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Won't be able to do RMATVMC because he makes BIG money from Astars and they have Fly team deal. Pretty limited options. Maybe Dylan goes blue and Roger gets Barcia for cheap?

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I just have 1 question about all of this......who is Jeff Walker?

Started new thread Stew Review Videos? 3/10/2020 7:50 AM

So Stew went to Tampa and there hasn't been a review video since? Did he go back into hiding after being on the main stage again?

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I'm confused, was he racing as himself or as Ronnie?

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That's the problem with this sport, the athletes think the media are supposed to be their bros. You think there's any media members that hang out on a daily basis with athletes in NFL, MLB, F1 or any other major sport? It's their job to call it how they ... more »

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A retired NFL player, Rob Ninkovich was the title sponsor for the ClubMX team this weekend and there was no mention of it. He did the same last year in Foxborough.

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The people he named that stayed close were all mechanics, so he's probably a little sour these guys that were his "friends" bailed.

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For me it was money and once I had my son I was scared to get hurt. Haven't ridden in 7 years but still an avid fan.

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I don't understand why we have to hear about NASCAR every single broadcast! NASCAR does not talk about moto and I watched part of their race on Sunday which was also in TN and their attendance was easily half of what Supercross was and the broadcast ... more »

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They get to run their own gear just like last year.

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I was at Unadilla one year and I asked James Stewart if Bubba was around to get him to autograph a photo I had taken from practice the previous day. James took the photo into the motorhome and came back out with it signed by Bubba. James Stewart is a ... more »