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I also am running the 14:53 !!

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I'm pretty sure the 2023 450 is getting some updates, but the 2023 CRF250R is identical to the 2022.

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Nothing else to add, just wanted to pay my respects. RIP Scottie. The amount of pain you endured, you have the heart of a fighter. And a true love for the sport of motocross.

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The Troy Lee GP Air is nicely vented. Some of the best vented pants I've tried!

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Looks like it is open again under a new name! Georgia Offroad Adventures

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How will it handle situations where you can't choose a different gear for a track obstacle? Example: Shifting up before whoops.

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I rode a friend's brand new 22 yesterday. I was uber impressed (and did not expect to be). I have a 19 250SXF with 270 kit, pipe, dyno mapped, VP T4, and his new (not even broken in Honda) pulled harder in low to mid. Impressions from 15 minutes of track ... more »

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Don't the Factory Edition's details get released around the start of December every year? Can't wait !!

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Impressive comeback from that mega knarly Femur break this winter. Hopefully he can get this issue resolved and then get enough support to show his potential.

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1995! I had that exact gear for the 1995 season. I remember getting the catalog in Winter of 94 and everything looked so vivid.

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This comment by Keefer from Daytime Program: Thunder Valley has me intrigued. "Eli Tomac: I am going to be on an island here, but Eli will be better after the break. I can’t say why yet, but he WILL be better. Like podium better. "

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Intrigued! So, not just a mildly refined 2019-2022 platform? The 2019 was refined, but not all that different from the 2016-2018 platform.

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Listening to the Steve Matthes show today, Steve commented that Chase was pouring blood after the crash. Sounded pretty gruesome.

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I think 10-20 years ago there was a big upgrade between production and A-Kit, but today they appear to be the same basic technology, but with coatings. I believe the high dollar A-Kit KYB forks use the same plastic ICS piston that the production forks ... more »

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Going through all of that is bad enough, wondering/worrying about if you will ride again makes the whole experience even worse. In October, after 40 years of riding, I had my first "bad" injury. I ride both mx and woods, I was enjoying a great woods ... more »

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Only 1. John Short, #55, Bar-X Suzuki.

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I was wondering this. Understanding that covid affects some people really bad, in general, young healthy people have very mild symptoms. Once you've had it you have immunity for a while (timeframes vary and are still being learned but i've read everything ... more »