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Those whoops do not look like fun, not one little bit.

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Awesome job and beautiful bike. Have fun!

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Thank you.

Added reply in a thread RacerXpodcast "track was basic, sand sucked" 2/17/2020 8:11 PM You mean entertained like this?

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If he gets out his his heat right into the main that would be an impressive start, and if he finished any higher than 15th that would be equally impressive. Good luck to Broc! Glad to see that whole shitshow debacle come to an end for him.

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Awesome video, but the #51 Monster Energy guy didn't get a lot of love for his Anaheim 1 win....!

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If I had the cash burning a hole in my pocket I would absolutely buy one of those bad boys. Hey in five years will it have mattered that you bought it? It will not. Get the dang thing and enjoy riding/looking/polishing it.

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Not sure why there are 3 thumbs down on a legit question...freaking Vital sometimes. I think Ferrandis is one of those guys that can win on any bike-he is just a badass racer and I would hope Yamaha has the good sense to throw a bunch of cash at him ... more »

Liked a bike check Fasthouse Still Smokin' YZ125 2/3/2020 10:46 AM
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Not sure but it is pretty dang good in both classes, and the tracks have all provided great racing too. If everyone stays healthy then it could well end up as one of the better series of all time. Fingers crossed.

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Dude-awesome! Enjoy, love a new steed 2 smoker or 4 stroker!

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The track was great, lots of passing despite the opinion of many before the racing started (which I can't seem to figure out..), and the variation was cool. I agree that not every freaking track has to have whoop sections from Kansas to San Diego. That ... more »

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Exactly. Sometimes they have to make decisions to save the riders from themselves. Safety should still be a consideration here. This is the best racing we have had in both classes in years and thankfully everyone gets to line up next weekend, so good ... more »

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Ferrandis is an old school, get after it kind of racer. Always races forward, always goes for it-I mean he just pins it so it seems. I'm a huge fan and he is going to be a force indoors and out on a 450 when he moves up. Dude is balls to the wall fast. ... more »

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It would be awesome to see Tickle get that seat for the rest of the year.

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No seriously Steve, why is it an early start?

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I too interpreted that as a shot as well and I think he did JGR dirty last year by not being properly prepared and owning up to the ride and the pay he got-he was the one that made all the noise about how well he rode the 450 and how he could run at ... more »

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He is a fast dude in a really fast class-he is in the deep end and eventually he will either learn how to swim or drown. Nothing easy about being 1 of the top 10 riders in 450 SX at this point in time, never mind the top 20. Bad dudes all.

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Welcome back Ralphie Boy. I like him in the booth.

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Forty, dude....Reed ain't winning "Datorna" come on.....