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I found this spoof a little funny...enjoy.

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At least he was polite enough to ask about my well-being before he asked for a

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Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while...congrats on your "Championship"..🤣

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Unfortunately....I would guess he's injured after 3 rounds of SX, misses all of Outdoors, and calls it a career like Troll. Sucks...I like J-Mart..

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He's been a good manager for the last...40 years? With all the online bullshit about wrong rider choices, X would be a much better choice than Y, etc....does he take his ball and go home, so does he suck it up and take the USA to 2 in a row next year? ... more »

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For a 1-shot race? Magoo all the way!

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Hannah would have rode the last 5 minutes standing on the pegs, while calling everyone else a pussy because they couldnt "man up". I miss the Bob Hannah days....

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Yeah...there's a uppity golf course that backs up to the land now. That, along with all the huge housing developments out there, have shut another one down. In the last 20 or so years, we have lost: Lake Whitney Burleson Mosier Valley Rabbit Run (much ... more »

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Yep, I went by there on Sunday (just passing through). Its gone.

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Sleep Number is shit...dont waste your money. Purple is the way to go.

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I'd love to see the Orphan National return to Gatorback..I always loved racing that place. Bitches will cry that its interrupting their SX series. was good enough for the best to ride in the 80's/90's, its good enough for now!

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Maybe if we had people that gave a shit about it, we wouldnt get fucked on a weekly basis. Until our sport can be watched on a single channel (the whole fucking race), I'm out.

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I have several plastic bins of magazines going to the dump as well: MXA Dirt Bike Dirt Rider Transworld MX RacerX MXA, Dirt Bike, and Dirt Rider go back to 1982...just dont feel like storing them any more...

Ron_Myers left a comment 6/28/2022 3:46 PM

Hey wana sell your RAW method tapes? I have been looking for a set for so long? myers,

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Yes. So fucking pissed....

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Top 10 ride. Everyone in front of him has ridden/raced/practiced on this track for years. He put tires on it the first time.... Thursday I think..could be wrong. And at 37 years old at that. I hope he stays with it...I could see podiums by the end of ... more »

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Looks like those security guards will be selling lots of helmets....