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Your linguistic details, as they specifically relate to Tyler, got me to thinking: 1. Tylers’ original avatar picture was in a foreign country (not US, where Texas is, obviously). 2. There was a Holden vehicle (Australian) in the picture 3. ... more »
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Better look again. Here it is in slow mo:

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Since energy can never be created nor destroyed, only transferred, it had to go somewhere. It this case, that somewhere impact made it to his foot.

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Sockpuppet’s give the best advice.

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Not to hi-jack an always entertaining Harry thread, but did anyone catch Tomacs answer to the question in regards to if he was selected for this years MXDN team (10:00 minutes in)?

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Me too. The Patton Oswald tie in seems interestng.

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Word on the street is that its either this bike that mnoble0902 is going to choose or a cat, so suggested by the honorable Harry. I guess there is always the possibility he will choose neither and just keep rollin’ in the dough, posting away! Although, ... more »

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Christophe Pourcel

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Why didnt you just post a “best four stroke oil”, “top proudest moments”, “C class sandbaggers”, “How to clean bike without water”, “the dumbest thing you ever came up with”, or resurrected old threads like “Best forks ever made” and “Best handling bike ... more »

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So , OP made an objective proclamation based on subjective opinon? Flawed logic that cant have an answer.

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My wife said it was her or the Alta. I bought this yesterday:

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Seems there is also a cottage industry doing the same thing, but gettin “dolla’ dolla’ bills ya’ll” for posts (currently resurrecting old “best of threads” because most attention is on the the WADA stuff that their normal bogus BS ... more »
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Yep, fire service is sparse. Sorry to hear about a moto brother losng everything. Lots of stories like Mr X said above, people and animals just get surrounded before they know it. They are still going and growing. Hug your loved ones.

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Get a shill. They vent hot air.