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I don't see why anyone should care what color bike you ride, or to feel like you should be associated with how that team operates. If someone were to judge me based on those circumstances, I would take pity that they have the maturity and cognitive abilities ... more »

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I don't think Honda cheated. However, interestingly enough, I do know from a friend at VP that Ryan Dungey was working on developing his own race fuel, and coincidentally he had some involvement with the team early in the year. I don't think they're ... more »

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Tomac might have his hands full with Webb. But if he wants to win title #4 I think he will be wise to focus on consistency. Marv I think will come on later as he gets his legs underneath him. Roczen is a big question mark. Sadly I have a feeling he's ... more »

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At some point it looked like he was catching Wilson but then he dropped off. Happy for Wilson to get on the box too though.

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Larocco doesn't have any supercross titles

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SLC is a pretty awesome area. I was fortunate to visit there recently, did some hiking at Arches and fly-fisshing on the Provo. It's awesome to get away, but my allergies can go to hell! Haha

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Dude so true. I think he's finally ready for that pressure. But he did say "I'll be gunning for it Wednesday" on the podium so it would be cool to see a dog fight again if him and Webb are up front. Eli is fast but man he does not get great starts often. ... more »

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That was awesome to see. Hopefully he can stay healthy for the nationals. Still trips me out how he looks like he's on an 85 out there lol.

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I think he would know better. Coop is pretty aggressive, sure, so I could see an escalation in the heat of a battle with him and Tomac, but an unwarranted takeout maneuver would have negative consequences long term.

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Is that the new Miss Supercross?

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Go hang out on 2nd street in Belmont shore, my uncle's bar Acapulco Inn is cool and cheap and there's a Taco surf across the street, and you're not far from the beach.

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Yeah, but they have DOUG HENRY in the game! 10 year-old me is overjoyed.

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I went to that race, can confirm.

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Yeah exactly, people who are sincere generally are more likely to want to have a conversation about it but Forkner is what 19? Could be a maturity thing, either way the tensions between the two since the first east coast round has kind of been there ... more »

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I noticed Forkner wouldn't face Osborne after the race either which can obviously make you look guilty/like a coward. Osborne seems like a level-headed dude and I'm sure he was heated so I'm sure they could have talked it out if Forkner was willing to ... more »

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By all means I agree that cross jumping in the air is a no-no but I was just trying to point out that split-second decisions can totally change things and I think either way those guys were probably going to be making contact regardless.

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Tomac had speed just seemed like he had a hard time putting the whole track together cleanly. Not sure why he gets third overall and people are so quick to bash the guy, Anderson and Musquin are great riders and Webb showed us all what we kind of expected ... more »

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Cross jumping is extremely dangerous but playing devils advocate what are the odds that Osborne would have passed Forkner cleanly in that next corner?

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I'm looking forward to seeing how sean cantrell does he was a surprise last summer