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I Bumped my own post so to remind you guys how fast the top 6 or 7 really are, anyone thinking it's going to be a Honda runaway should stay away from drugs.

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Does this mean KTM and others, may have an sx team, and a seperate outdoors team in the future?

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I would suggest there might be a two tier system on some of these teams, the very good get the full ride, the not as good can have a ride if they can finance it. Sounds just like F1.

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I think with modern mx bikes lube up top is critical. I would suggest pre oil the filter, pour some in the cavity and then crank it over before it fires up. It may be over kill, but how much does a new head and cam cost ???

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I can't see how anybody can predict a winner, there are 6 riders that could pull it off. My impartial vote is for Hunter Lawrence or brother Jett. We all know Cooper has it, Forkner has now got some confidence back. Even McAdoo, Hampshire, possibly Mosiman ... more »

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I wouldn't dislike your opinion if your weren't so wrong! Unlike me.

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Eli will pull out after the first race, Kenny in a few races later. Mookie will be fast but not consistent, as will Barcia. Sexton will end his own season. Ferrandis, I believe is hiding an injury. Dungie and " the real AC" will win moto,s. That leaves ... more »

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At least?

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I am of the same thoughts, unfortunatley by round three there will only be four front runners. Again, unfortunatly the front runner will be green.

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Question, Did people bitch and moan with the introduction of the Reed valve?

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Yes, the price is ridiculous, but is slower a bad thing. You already have people here with opinions that 450 are too much for racing. Decades ago we saw the demise of 500cc dinasors that also proved to be too much. But yeas, the price needs to be closer ... more »

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Actually, for me it was the excitement of going to the different tracks, walking through the pits talking BS, getting my gear on, starting ling line butterfly's, that race to the first corner, riding the track harder than I was huff and puffing and finally ... more »

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I'm curious about extra vibration, decade's ago I put the sxs 300 kit on my 250, I got much midrange and much noticeable vibration.

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Tomac will race the opener and then pull out to have his knee repaired. Ferandis has lost something this year. Roczen will start the season for obligations, then pull out citing the usual reasons. Craig will be sporadic. Tony 222 will only race 2 events ... more »

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No, and if anyone here would be, it would be me.

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I think Malcolm's achievements are outstanding, more than that, his personality has far out performed his results. He,s a superstar. I like him!

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It would be great to see another manufacturer involved.

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Luckily we all have different opinions, eh.