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Why do you need a girlfriend, you seem to be in love with yourself.

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Finally someone posts something that isn't just bitching and complaining like some old woman and what do you do but come on here bitching and complaining. A true vital poster through and through. I'll let you on to a little secret, you don't have to ... more »

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A whole bunch of links here.

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Just here for the twisted panties. Not disappointed.

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The end ended? And who is high here?

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The guy has more guts, passion and determination than most of the field. People applaud Dean and Bam Bam for going out and doing their own thing because they love the sport, but can't give it up for Chad. What did Dean place at A1 last year with no injury ... more »

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Straight rhythm is a joke. Ronnie made it watchable.

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Why not both? Pays even more.

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Tagged and collared, that is one unhappy bear.

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Just watched it now. I loved watching the faces. Good to see the hard questions asked. This is going to be a good series.

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Did she just say holeshit?

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Why did you feel the need to post that? Were you worry someone here would think you thought otherwise?

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That's the plan. Gutted that Kaven won't be there.

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So pumped for the guy. After all the injuries and bullshite he has endured the last few year he deserves everything the universe is giving him now.

Let the haters hate....

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For sure. People just expect too much. I'm sure he will figure it out, the guy certainly works at it.

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The fish are biting today.