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One of the best, gone far too soon. Godspeed Steve. Still treasure the NASA pin you gave me at MXDN Lommel Belgium in 2012.

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There’s no such word as “can’t “ when I was trying to get the timing

and carb cleaned on an old DOT 197cc. My dad Fred was a self thought mechanic who rose to working for Rolls Royce cars in design development dept. He would patiently explain ... more »
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Exchanged messages with David quite a few times here on Vital and he was always very complimentary of my artwork. Godspeed David a sad loss.

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My sincere condolences to family and his many friends here on Vital.

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Riding my DOT Demon Scrambler up on the Cumbrian fells, approx 14 years old in 1971. No helmet I know, but we were young, dumb and full of c*m!... more »
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Sounds like you may have carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrists. Get it checked out and surgery to relieve pressure on carpal tunnel isn't too invasive.

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Still enjoy this board, but seems we have lost many of the good old boys who kept this forum alive. Not really bothered either way with the up or down voting, just keep the great content coming. We haven't had a forum meltdown for a few years, was funny ... more »

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Heard reports the stadium was packed, but has Feld released attendance figures yet? Great start to 2022 SX season.

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JMB did put his bike on pole position at one Moto GP. I think at that level of the sport it is more about budgets, tyre spend etc. A very elite club that JMB managed to break into, until he had a career ending crash.

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I built this Protar scale model of Gaston Rahier’s BMW. It has working suspension and leather route book and holder.

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Thanks for your kind words. We always aim to deliver above and beyond expectations.

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Why is it “talking shit “as you claim to be proud of your countries achievement. Ben Watson also took the gold place for best MXGP rider at last years MXoN. As your username suggests, perhaps you need to be put on suicide watch until Red Bull MXoN is ... more »

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Jeffro I'm only too pleased to give you a quote for an Oils or Acrylic on canvas painting, or pen& ink and marker illustrations. Likewise I'm saddened that this company appear to have not delivered on so many levels and hope their alleged incompetence

... more »
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Is the 2022 MXoN at Red Bud a must win for Team USA and their fans? If it’s a fair weather event and Team USA lose again, a distinct possibility, will the fans lose interest in the annual team

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At least Team GB have been up the sharp end with several 3rd place podiums, at lot better than Team USA rode.

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Maybe they stole the Team 22

... more »
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Very well put together Davey. It’s incredible the number of riders, organisers etc we lost to Covid in 2021. Roll on 2022 and hopefully more settled

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More chance of seeing these on track than a new Triumph motocross bike?

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There will be a lot more flight options if you choose Heathrow to LAX, but again Covid restrictions into US may change if Omicron variant infections keep rising at 78,000+ a day.