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So you soon forgot about his domination at 2017 MXoN at Matterley

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Don't know if it's been discussed but any crowd numbers for today at Atlanta Speedway.? Looks a little light but could be size of venue and social distancing protocols.

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FatCats appearing on an upcoming episode of Helicopter ER soon! I know it's one of the countries busiest facilities, but they do seem to get an awful lot of airtime as emergency paramedics fly in to treat riders on a regular basis. Even the helicopter ... more »

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Was it Sears Point where Mike Goodwin, of SX infamy, promoted a National and there was a long delay when someone rolled a truck tyre off top of one of the steep hills, flying into the crowd and seriously injuring several spectators?

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Tim Saw on a Euro site it said he passed away with complications from Diabetes. It had badly effected his vision.

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Prayers for Todd, his wife and daughters. Hope he pulls through. Please keep us updated on any updates?

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Godspeed Mike. One of my childhood heroes. Got to meet him at the VMXDN at Farleigh Castle, a real genuine guy, no airs or graces, so easy to chat with. Hope him and Marty are having a good bench racing session up in heaven.❤

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Covid test came back NEGATIVE. Be good to go out for a pint to celebrate, if only we could...................

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Stay safe mate. Just awaiting a covid test result from yesterday. Been feeling under the weather, headaches, muscle pain, occasional cough but mostly upset stomach, runs for 6 days. Phoned doctors who said I must get a covid test done to rule that out ... more »

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1978 when I was 21 years old. Got on a Maico 440cc and won plenty of races. Favourite tracks were Hutton Conyers Ripon, Bodfari N Wales and Barfield Bootle Cumbria.

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Just seen on an Italian moto website that John Dowd has been hospitalised after a crash. Wishing him well and would appreciate any updates?

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Hope you are feeling better now Steve. Eyes are precious!

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It's very easy to throw shit against someone's reputation from behind an anonymous keyboard name, but to me Roger has been the epitome of a true gentleman, a great champion and the sport's most successful Team Manager.
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What's with many of the fans outside the pits NOT WEARING MASKS? Wasn't there a Covid protocol they had to adhere too?

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Will Kawasaki put "let Adam Bye" on Tomac's sign

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Could Tomac force Cincerillo to crash?

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Chuck and his late brother Ron Sun, both rode for factory Honda during their careers.

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Just a racing incident, Jeremy protecting inside, Dylan just charging...............

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Once had to have two air ambulances called out to a motocross race I was announcing at up in Cumbria England. Second one was about 1 hour after the first. Pilot came in and hovered very low over paddock. Down draft was crazy, it lifted up an un-tethered

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Photo's or it didn't

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