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What kind of gear is he wearing?

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How about a show of hands of people who saw Brett Cue buying Hondas for James Stewart.

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It is strange that he made it sound that if he wasn't given a Free bike,none of this 2017 sx season would be happening.

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jeezus, how do you guys think the crank bearings get lubricated? PS, if you have spooge, fix your jetting.

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If he lands on motorcycle superstore, top jimmy is out of a ride.

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Ok, to be reasonable lets say the there is a only a 99% chance that dunge, marvin, etc are being paid to use this product. The top of the food chain does not endorse anything for free. There is a 100% chance that if they are quoted about their use of ... more »

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This worked great from 2009-2014! It was a hoot racing against modern 450s!
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Maybe the parents that think home schooling their kids from the age of 12, and living at MTF, or similar was such a good idea now that the little star didnt make it. How about how stupid it is that the teams give 15 and 16 year old kids contracts with ... more »

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I dont think Tommy will win a main event this year. actually im very certain. I also dont think the 49 ers will win the superbowl. Isnt this ok to say?

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How about this? A simple exhaust restriction in the silencer that can be easily measured with a dowel at tech inspection and again after the race. Limit the power on the big bikes, and tighten up the racing. I dont car whether the bikes have 80 hp or ... more »

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I just wanted to pass on a great article on www. that i have read many times. Its the one titled "about two stroke oils and premixes" enjoy

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Buying a two stroke oil because it has the lowest flash point is a strange decision. How do you think your crank bearings will be lubricated if the oil has turned to smoke? You should look for the highest flash point and jet accordingly.

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Dont take any extra calcium. /the more you take externally, the less your body will produce in the body via its natural osteocytes.

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These gloves, being direct marketed to an mx forum , by an unknown poster and unknown company..How many runs of 25 is he going to make? Where is his R&d? Is there any chance these will be better than a troy lee or fox glove? If you need gloves, go ... more »

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Nope, 15-20.

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I wonder if theres a slight Alessi like feeling the teams have with the Stewart family? Just thinking out loud. Because Mookie has alot of potential still, so why no ride?

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come on, that was good. Jt$ debunked it 10 times and guys are still thinking its true!!lol sorry dude.

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here fishy , fishy.......i hooked a big one!!!