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KYB suspension: Check Monster backing: Check High HP and durable clutch: Check Willingness to allow MXdN racing: Check JM6 and ET3 former training partners as teammates: Potentially Currently selling two smokes to play on for the fun factor: Bonus If ... more »

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In. #24 on a CR125 and 60+ Pops' on a CR250... Track should be good: they'll likely add the back carousel (now called Saddleback peaks section) and a little more uphill/downhill going under Yamaha bridge. Hope to see some of you out there!

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Installed a Lightspeed skid plate and front disc guard on my 20' KX450: Very happy with the fit, clean lines, and good design. No hangers for the full coverage skid plate and it simply uses two OEM mounting locations. The rotor guard came with an axle ... more »

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In addition to LA Sleeve, Vance at Q and E may have something in stock as well. Located in Anaheim, CA and open at 9A Monday.

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Give Todd a call!,26/Factory-Suzuki-Parts-on-Craigslist,1339014

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Very cool concept and TLD addition:

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Better double check that pipe fitment: 2002-2004 do not have the double o-ring flange. That's 92-01 and 05-07 style...

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Star Yamaha knows their stuff (especially with the 250F's), and they currently run WCL...

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Shipping estimate on the stock 5-07 pipe to Southern California? Thanks D.A.

Added reply in a thread Which 450, YZ or KX? 2/25/2021 9:48 PM At 6' and with a Honda background, I vote Kawi 450. They're basically an 08' CRF with e-start, hydraulic clutch, EFI, and 49mm ... more »

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I'd try lower torque settings first before spending money on the engine hangers. Some also drill 4 or 5mm holes in the uppers, in addition to the lower torque specs. If that's a good direction, Works Chassis Lab (WCL) mounts may be your final setting. ... more »

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If it's in stock through Lightspeed or WPS, I've never had a problem getting products in a timely manner. Currently running their skid plate, ignition cover, and front brake line guide on my CR125; everything fit perfectly and the brake line guide looks ... more »

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Go for it. Xtrig's are built exceptionally well and the 22-24mm offset option is worth it. 22-24 ROCS are a great addition to the 17'-20' CRF450 and 18'-21' CRF250's; especially for faster tracks where the 24mm offset helps immensely (California references ... more »

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Your chain's way too tight, davidgrip! Should be 48-54mm of slack, measured like this:

48-54mm measured from swingarm to bottom of chain doesn't take into account varying rear sprocket sizes. Need to measure bottom of chain at upper extension, ... more »
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Consumer side: 2022 lineup should follow with 21.5' Factory Edition styling, next platform revisions being the 22.5' FE's. MXGP side: teams can probably retrofit "old" bodywork onto potentially new frame and hide majority of engine changes. Honestly, ... more »

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This! On a 144 bore, I went from 13-53 on my 05' CR125 in stock configuration (13-52 was OE gearing this year) to 14-53 at first, settled on 13-50. Most small-bore BB kits require at least -1/-2 on the rear, with slightly leaner jetting as well (more ... more »

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Sorry for the delay, but here's a photo to illustrate:

You simply remove the entire indicator light/start map selector and its' accompanying lead, replace with the OE white mapping coupler. Cleans up the bars so just the kill switch (left-side) ... more »
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Lots of big name companies who have been at it for a long time, but this youngster may be worth a shot as well...

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LOVE the race, hate the promotor; Seriously considering skipping it for the first time due to what transpired with other SoCal tracks last Spring...