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Comp Edge should be open 8A-2P:

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I'm the OCD guy who takes a new bike down to the frame for prep, pre-motos, and here a few findings from my 17': 1) Before considering purchasing different hangers, grease all engine bolts and the swingarm pivot. A few of the 17/18's I've prepped have

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This. Should be able to find decently priced OE takeoffs from modern 250SXF (42) and 350/450SXF's (45N/m); Experiment and see what works best. 42 starting point should be close with the lighter-weight of the 125 (appx. 20lbs less than comparable Austrian ... more »

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Curious as well... Bike looks good - Congrats! Appears to be ready for a front brake guide on the lower triple, front brake MC rubber sheath, and some YZ pegs for a better platform, then ready to rip

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*10/15-10/16 are Monday/Tuesday, yeah? Track should be good after the weekend rain and 24HR break in

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Hub will fit 2002-2012 CR, CRF450's (2004-2013 CRF250R as well before redesign in 2014). May need to get specific spokes/bearings for it, but Honda fitment covers quite a few years.

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07' had no HPSD mount and a different (larger) ECU behind the front plate. 2008 has one-year-only ignition that's smaller to leave clearance for damper. Shouldn't take too much to make your 08' bits work on an 07' frame! If you do the swap, please keep ... more »

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First post with a YouTube link can be pretty suspisious, but it checks out: My first guess, could be an exhaust leak?

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Please update the thread title; they’re not just good, they’re great! H4L has it right: 24mm offset from 2002-2007, then 22mm in 08’ with HPSD. (Don’t forget, Honda pulled the 4T steering back 2mm in 2006 at the axle lugs as well, making 08’ geometry

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Sorry to hear; sucks when people don't have respect for others

When looking for cases, be wary of 2005/2006 assemblies. There was a faulty shift stopper assembly for those years that has since been superseded. The outdated piece had a bearing ... more »
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Similar to the Fox Airlines:

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TJ appears to sell the plastic kits and HRC style graphics for them as well:

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Canvas pants produced in Argentina, as mentioned on their website: Good to see posts like this pop up. Where, how, and with what quality goods are produced matters!

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So what's the story on this? Between Mr. Info and DC I'm hoping for some clarity... Is GH potentially out with another SoCal track getting a two-year stint (just a hunch that formerly Pala Raceway, now Fox Raceway, would have a go?)...Is GH expected ... more »

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Still in for GH? I'll be there from 8A-Noon; If you spot a fat guy on a little bike (#24), say 'Hey'

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Looks like the 1999-Current style, but OP will know for sure.

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Good ride! Haha Carnage around 10:30 for those going straight to crash footage

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She's looking better than ever
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Good read.

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Used some in my 08' CRF450 tank - Worked fairly well. Not sure I would trust it with anything EFI, but for the ole' carby bikes it was a net positive. I preferred the fuel cell blocks over the individual smalls, but the concept is the same.,52163.html?sku=6007050&utm_medium=CSEGoogle&utm_source=CSE&utm_campaign=CSEGOOGLE&gclid=CjwKCAjw8uLcBRACEiwAaL6MSbK20T-Xy-2gfFRHh4W9XJ99v6KD96yyMcj-WdrqExc-wrGQ3tYU7xoC0sQQAvD_BwE ... more »