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I'd try AHM: Local for you and they know Kawi's quite well (just ask Bowers)

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I hear you on track selection; Great to have the variety that we do in SoCal. As far as the CR vs. the YZ, I have an 08' CRF450, 96' CR250, and am looking into a 17' + CRF, so I'm a certified Red Rider nut...The CR ergos are better and it handles amazing, ... more »

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Ti on the engine hangers may shave off a few gram's, and more importantly get rid of the Torx heads...
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DID Golds are great, but the Sunstar MXR1 chain is a bit lighter; we've had great luck with them on both our 450's and 125 projects. WPS distributers can get you DRC aluminum bolts, which are lighter than Ti, for low-torque areas like fork guards, certain

... more »
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This. Seems that Honda, more so than other brands, has a habit of dropping very capable riders. Just in my riding span of HRC history: Doug Henry, Kevin Windham (first time round before his Suzuki days), RICKY CARMICHAEL...Here's hoping they learn from ... more »

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Go for it! Dimensionally we're identical at 6' and 200lbs, and it'll make you a better rider (even if it is a bit more work) after your moto hiatus. Milestone and Perris are very 125 friendly; Cahuilla, GH, and Pala Main can be more of a struggle due

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Thanks Gents - New Vital price reflects input. Leaving it a touch higher on CL for the unfortunate haggle-factor...

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Let's hear it: Priced too high? Not enough bling? 2006 too old? Figured something clean but a bit older should be comparable to a well-ridden bike like this 2017 (Dr.D plug, btw): Ideas?

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You said you have 2004 twin chambers, but off what model? In 04' you'd have 250 2T, 450, and 250F all running Showa front ends, in which case there'd be huge setup differences between them...I threw some 2006 450F forks on mine and they weren't that ... more »

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Some OG members may take offense, but haven't even had to check sprocket bolts on this beauty Clean bike with super low hours. More pleased with my CR125 due to ... more »

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2019 has increased front axle size. May take some tinkering and not quite a simple fork swap onto your 15'. Best bet would be to find some 48mm KX450 spring forks (pre-2012) and shim the top clamp? At least that way current wheels/brakes/etc are a direct ... more »

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I'm all for jump options and unique combinations, but LaRocco's Leap is as big as we need to go; Serious question regarding racer safety: What happens when the MXdN rolls into town this October and the mix of MX1, MX2, and MX3 riders creates a cause ... more »

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This is spot on! Fronts are identical while the only difference between OE 250/450 rears would be the 1.85" 250F rim and 2.15"450F, but if you're swapping to black you'll be upgrading either way. Regular DID Dirtstars are actually quite good for the

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100/90-19 on a 1.85 width rim! Only way to go

Some of the 250F's can pull the bigger tires/2.15 rim, but not the one-two-fiver's...
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Too cool! Great on Deano and everyone involved. Already a fan, but here's hoping 2019 goes better than excellent for this young man

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Looks like KX450F (06-18) based on bike in background and numberplate post location, but your guess is as good as mine...Care to chime in OP?