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Made in the US, light enough for going in and out of your moto rig (unlike those cheap, red, heavy, steel Harbor Freight imports), never rusts, and good people to top it off!
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You're spot on; All the plastics will bolt right up, minus the front number plate (due to the aforementioned location differences). eBay or an amigos 04'-07' CR125/250, 04'-07' CRF250, 05'-07 CRF450 top clamp (24mm) would give you the new top (not front) ... more »

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I believe one's a flat top piston (97'+?) versus the dome style. Both should be great starting points! If you're looking just to keep one, I'd be interested in the other: Can still buy new 2000/2001 cylinders, but for my 96' they're more difficult to

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Typically you have to lean out the jetting on big-bores. More draw so smaller jets required. On our 2008 CRF450R to CRF488, we went down one on both the main and pilot (back to stock 42P and a 175/178M). This was with a +4mm kit, for reference. Best ... more »

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Nice. On the transmission, have you considered WPC in lieu of the Yosh ISF treatment? I doubt you'd ever have a problem again with it again...

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You'll be replacing with the updated 18' parts, yeah? Besides the AER switch in 2017, the updated gears were basically the best update the 125s/150s have seen since the new generation in 16'...

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Good to know, Thanks Aboccarossa313. If you hear of any available through the non-eBay channels please PM me! Have one now but need another for a second YZinger build...

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From 15th as a rookie (when it was still the 125cc class) to 1st at Daytona! Another lifelong fan after speaking to him at a Specialized post-Anaheim SX MTB ride; within minutes, it was very apparent he's one of the good ones. Happy to see him blazing

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Curious where you found/purchased these puppies! Much prefer the old-school stinger style to the new 'safety' end caps...Congrats on a clean YZinger

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Certainly time to split the cases and do a major once-over

I believe the 2016's had some transmission issues, so inspect every gear thoroughly.
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#64-90772 in the 2018 WPS for $163 retail. Made by Polisport and fits 04-07. Should also work on 02/03 with some slight front number plate alterations (02/03 mount on the front, 04-07 have single centered 6mm top thread). Haven't seen one in person yet, ... more »

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x2 - Great luck with the ProX components.

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Pretty clean 02'! Yet after 30 plus years of moto and a decade of Craigslist searching, I've seen my fair share of front brake routing gone wrong, but never on the handlebar side of the equation

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Funny how the onboard view is never quite as fast as it actually is! MM25 in action

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Good luck with these from Motion Pro over any aluminum ones...
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2002: First year of 3rd generation chassis. Weak motors but workable seeing that they're the only Gen3 bikes that the older HPP cylinders interchange with. 2003: Slow as well, with engine revisions and different reed block. 2004: Stay away if possible.

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Unique from 2016 to 2017. "The top triple clamp has more meat to it for 2017 and additional ribbing underneath for increased rigidity. The bottom triple clamp is larger, stiffer and 2.5mm thicker where it clamps the fork stanchions (from 47mm thick to ... more »

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Unbiased opinion as I ride a CR125, notoriously the slowest 125's in recent memory: When discussing 'fast' and 'slow' 125 2T's, one has to maintain some perspective...They're ALL slow! Haha seriously, The KTM/Husky platform is the latest and greatest,

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