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I’m not sure if this is something that’s been covered already but I’m working on a set of forks off of a 2012 Yz125 and after bleeding and seeing no bubbles and installing the shim stack valve back into the inner cartridge the damper rod won’t rebound ... more »

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Missed both 450 heats and I got to watch 30 seconds of the 450 main. So irritating, I knew having it on regular NBC would be an issue with all these protests going on

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So excited I get to watch Garcetti talk in Spanish. I didn’t plan to watch any supercross today anyways!

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Rode yesterday so I could have today to relax and watch SX. Huge crowd over at Glen Helen yesterday for a practice day. I haven't seen those hills that rough in a long time. Hadn't been there since January so it was nice to ride one of my favorite tracks ... more »

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Interesting. What other bikes have these PSF2 forks? I know the RMZ250 had them.

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Not sure, The oil seal itself is black. You have the dust seal, lock ring, oil seal, lock ring etc. everything that came out is in those pictures. What bike are you working on? the only thing in between the Dust and oil seal should be your lock ring. ... more »

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250 or 450? Are you sure your air temp and MAP sensors are plugged in all the way?

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Granite, the bike was bran new

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of JLaw with a smart phone in his hand. There’s more pictures and social media posts of the 2001 Cannondale 400 than that guy

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Dennis, thank you so much for posting that video. I am sending all my love to your family, not only as a fellow rider but as a human being. Looks like Connor touched many lives. TH

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That sucks, Ive emailed them so many damn times about my ball bearing throttle tube and they are always very good about customer service. I would imagine they are still open right now but have a very limited staff.

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$143 on eBay with free shipping. Not bad.... definitely want one but no need for one right now since there’s no races!

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Am I tripping or is Terry Varner one of the crew members for the iron grip team? Lol

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Pala and Barona Oaks will be your closest Moto tracks. Pala has definitely reopened since this whole virus BS, I haven't heard anything on Barona. For off-road Ocotillo Wells is probably 2 hours and Glamis I would say is roughly 2 and a half hours away. ... more »

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It actually wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be, glad I finally got the chance to watch it. The Cyrus character was great. I also didn’t know you could buy KYB A kit suspension from your local dealer. And yes Marshall keeps his chains ... more »

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Looks like a JT self cleaning countershaft sprocket. This has me worried because I just put one on my bike last weekend,

Edit: I see Pro Taper and Renthal's have the holes too. Very likely it was a rock.
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I always go in dry

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May try it this weekend. Last time I rode there was January 2016 and I thought it was actually really fun. So if it's just as good or any better than it was four years ago it will exceed any expectations I have for the place..... Has any GoPro footage ... more »

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Agreed. I was at his live show for Whiskey Throttle and he talked about how even the top people at Honda said that bike wasn’t competitive enough to beat Windham at certain tracks. Yet he still won! But he knew four strokes were coming

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Not worth overheating an engine..... just replace it and learn from the mistake.