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Taking a tour of the USS Midway was one of the best things I've ever done in San Diego. I was surprised me how much access they give you and it's pretty cheap. Highly recommended.

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Michael, You do know that Keanu is part owner of ARCH motorcycles. He got with Gard Hollinger in 2007 to make him a bike and it came out so cool they became business partners. Their bikes are all hand made customer ordered bikes and start at $78,000.

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I noticed they had a few others messed up also like Barcia on a Suzuki and Bowers on a 250 Yamaha.

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I still have a Greeves Challenger MX4 my dad bought me from Nut Tree outside of Sacramento way back in 1965. I don't have a picture of mine but here is the same toy I found on-line. Mine doesn't have the rider. I have carried that thing all over the

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I sold a 85 BMW K100 I had stripped down and made a cool Brat bike. It ran great. Two young guys came by and looked at it. The youngest one was buying it and the one that was a little older came to do more analyzing of the bike. We came to an agreed ... more »

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I really like the first one. Thought it was really cool how they all drive up and look at each other without saying anything. I don't like the celebrity segment where they just kill off the celeb before they make it on the show. Funny the first time ... more »

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It's funny you talk about RV. I was at a signing the Friday before Hangtown about three years ago. They dealer had all the Kawasaki riders from factory Kawasaki and Pro Circuit. I got to RV and Weimer and your right RV didn't seem to want to be there ... more »

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I went to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach on Saturday. It's mostly street bikes and customs but you do get to see all the new bikes street or dirt. I was walking around and came up to the Yamaha area and they had a table set ... more »

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Kenny has a lot of experience and I appreciate getting more info out there and doing interviews with riders and industry people but I must admit that I can't listen to his interviews. He seems to want to tell too many long stories and doesn't let the ... more »

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Bummer....Looks like he has a nice collection.

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I think everybody that has raced had a fall while leading. Mine was back in 1987. I had blown out my left knee in 82 and didn't ride for five years. I got a brand new 87 Kawasaki 500. I had only been riding again for about 5 months. My friend convinced ... more »

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AK74, I was fortunate enough to see that bike at the 86 Luxemberg MXGP. It look really good and competitive even way back then. Just needed a better rider on it. With that open megaphone exhaust it was super loud.

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Reese95w, Where is this museum located and can anybody go see it? I was a big Dick Mann fan during that time frame. My dad had a BSA Gold Star. I won my first trophy with it in 72. It's my avatar.

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bvm11.....thanks a lot for checking. I appreciate the info. Since I'm already in Vegas this weekend it won't hurt to go see if I can get tickets at the stadium. Do they charge for parking at the stadium?

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Thanks bvm111....Sounds like a plan.

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Thanks Mr. Info....I appreciate the reply.

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Has anybody just showed up and bought tickets at the MEC? I'm going to the Barrett Jackson Car auction this weekend and I forgot it's the MEC weekend also. Just wondered if I show up can I buy a ticket at the gate.

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Replacement as in new knee not full reconstruction? I'm going in in December to have my left knee replaced. Everything I have read has said my MX days are over. Read all the previous posts on here about knee replacement. I have been bumming ever since. ... more »

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I was lucky to witness the great Magoo. It was E Street (Yuba City, Ca) track for a local race in the winter. I think it was 1981 right before he got picked up by Honda. It was one of the muddiest races I had ever been to. He crashed in the first corner ... more »

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I think I will do that next year. I couldn't believe how many commercials they had.