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1978 Honda XR75. Just finished it up. Number plates are all that’s left.
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That's it for me also. I had a 82 CR250 brand new. My friend had a 81 RM125. He asked if he could ride my Honda. I said yes if I can ride yours. So we went out together. He came in after about two laps. I was still ripping. After about 5 or 6 laps I ... more »

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I’m 64. Bought a 2012 SXF. It had 185 hours but the engine was freshly gone through. I have the receipts to prove it and all the old engine parts. Bought for $3,000 a year ago. It’s runs perfect and has plenty of power. It feels much lighter than my ... more »

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The early to mid 70s for me. At the boom of MX in the states. It was relatively cheap for the day and the tracks were super fun but safe. My 73 TM250 Suzuki. Won a lot on that bike from 73 - 75 in NC.

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I love the video. Tom has a talent for sure. I agree on the vulgar language though. Seven year olds are going to be watching this and think that is ok. I live in Huntington Beach and when I am out I am amazed that vulgar language specially the F word ... more »

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Thanks for putting that up. I appreciate it. That track looks great.

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I would go to Cahuilla Creek. There Vet track is nice and flowing with moderate jumps and it is not crowed. I rode Fox about three weeks ago and it was way too crowed.

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I bought a pair for $540. Boy $430 sounds a lot better. I'm very pleased with them as they are very comfortable and stay in place. Once ridding I don't even notice them. I haven't had the issue talked about but I have only ridden with them three times. ... more »

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I rode Fox Raceway (Pala) a couple weeks ago after being off for a knee replacement and I was shocked how many riders were on the Vet track. I miss the Amateur track. Yes it had a few rocks up by the hill but it was fun. It would be nice to spread out ... more »

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That's cool, I was at that same GP. I still have a Eric Goebors HRC hat I bought there hanging in my garage. I also still have the ticket and the program. Great times.

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1979 Carlsbad GP. Drove out from Phoenix with my riding buddy and my brother-in-law. It was hot as hell. I met DeCoster for the first time. He signed a scrap book I made of him. The next year (1980) was even more epic as just me and my brother-in-law ... more »

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In 1982 I just bought a new Honda CR250. I was riding at E Street sand track in Yuba City Ca. My friend had a 81 RM125. He wanted to ride my new Honda so we swapped. I'm was a big guy, 6'1" 200lbs. I got on that 125 and immediately I felt at home. I ... more »

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I know it sounds crazy but I found a place in Irvine and it looked like it had been ridden on for years. I take my granddaughter there to ride her TTR90 about 3 weeks ago. It was a perfect area. Out of the way and away from streets. You can't even see ... more »

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That was much appreciated. One of the best MX films I've seen. Thanks Team Fried.

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Rupert X - Dad was stationed in Upper-Heyford. It's not a military base anymore. Those late 60s and early 70s Greeves were not very good. These early 60s Greeves for their time were really good. Mine runs great but it is a bit unusual to ride with the ... more »

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My oldest is this 1961 Greeves MCS 250. My dad was stationed in England from 1959 to 1962. I was only 5 or 6 but I remember going to my first MX races over there. Pretty much all the 250 class was Greeves during this period. I have always been into MX

... more »
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The blue vintage display bike was a Triumph Metisse not a Greeves. Greeves didn't make a 4 stroke.

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I have a warm spot in my hart for the old TMs. 1973 TM250 was my first real MX bike. I really miss those times. The best ever.

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Thanks for the video CRC245. I had never seen it before. I've said it before on here that David Thorpe was underrated I think. I was lucky to attend the 1985/86 Namur and 86 Luxembourg GPs. Best races and atmosphere I have ever been too. The photo of ... more »

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"Little Fauss and Big Halsey" is the best. Right at the time MX was starting to kick off in the states.