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Old news bro. But yes it is sick

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KTM is your only option. You'll be happy with either of them. If you race, get the 250. You can detune it easy. Throw a 9oz flywheel on it and work the power valve adjuster to you're happy with it

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Hes grown up on 2 wheels surrounded by the best in the business so no surprise. I think Colin and a lot of those flat trackers ride moto as well. Btw can you tell me why they use ttr instead of 2 stroke superminis like a kx 100 or 85s?

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I just bought my first GoPro 3 weeks ago. Late to the party.

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I see two things there. 1. When it comes to motorcycles there seems to be a floor of around 700 for pw and pit bikes and around 1300 for anything bigger as long as they are working 2. Always assume they will come down at least 150. And if you actually ... more »

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What the... jeez. You just wonder where it goes wrong with people like that.

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👍 good stuff. Cant imagine how it would feel to watch your child go through that and then emerge victorious.

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Is this some hot take? Pretty sure everyone agrees with this and can see this

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I watched 2 movies today. I only watched 2 movies in all 2019

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Yeah my bad. Forgot he had another year.

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He will replace Pless. Didn't somebody say KTM is going for him also with a 3rd bike? You know KTM loves their Euro riders

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I'll watch the past races...and the qualifying

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This is the best thing that could happen to Barcia. End it before he screws it up or gets hurt, which is what he usually does. On top of that Yamaha is going to have to replace Plessinger. You don't want to replace 2 riders at the same time.

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Theres no way I'd pay AC big money. He hasn't fixed his big problem: Crashing. He only finished 1 out of 4 regional championships and barely made it through that one. Sure enough he gets to 7 races and hes out. He just cant make it through a sx season. ... more »

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Hats off to the production team for realizing how exciting it would be to follow Tomac and Webb through the pack. It's great that they realize something that the OP doesnt; which is that we want to watch racing. Great job crew!

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That sounds cool. Great job of blending the disciplines. And that track is right next door. Need to get Steve Wise out there too 👍

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Calling a 4th a choke is dumb. But I do think there is something here for 3 to be worried about. He cant do what he did last night many more times. Especially the way he did it. The other guys just wont ket him. Hes done better with his starts this year ... more »

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Yeah Barcia is a whiny baby. He always has been. I can see why Bagget is upset but he definitely turned down. Tomac wouldve hit him anyway but they wouldn't have gone down.