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Praying for you baby girl. And praying for the person who landed on her. Whether he was negligent or not, I'm sure he's hurting emotionally right now.

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So they test for ped in esports now?

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It has been this way for a long time and is super weird. A tiny little sport expecting the pinnacle of broadcast journalism while at the same time instantly excluding any announcer who has never cleared Lorroccos leap or changed a top end on 2003 YZ ... more »

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500s are of the devil

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People have forgotten what it was like with RC. It was boring as hell. He won every thing. EVERY thing. Tomac is nit close to RC level. RV mightve given him a run but RC would've broken him.

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I thought this was going to be more interesting, but its just the same old objections lacking any real insight or thought - 'new companies can't compete with Honda, you can't ride Idaho backwoods for a week without recharging.' It's as if the only benchmark ... more »

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Decoster retiring...?

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31 out of 40 California state senate positions are Democrat...Republicans couldn't do anything even if they wanted to.

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We don't have to guess. Ryan beat James head to head every time they raced. It is what it is.

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Dungey has more 450 titles than James Stewart and Chad Reed combined. James never finished ahead of Dungey in any championship they raced together. James was 24 when Dunge was a 450 rookie.

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Yall are so far out to lunch with this Dungey stuff.

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Why would the British subject themselves to the standards of a continent only 20 miles away with a measley 750 million people in it.

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I'm 42 and I love taking my daughters KX100 out. I get kicked off the pit bike/kids track for ringing the neck off it, but it's worth it. I've gone out on the big track a few time and it was fun. Never thought about actually racing it. I don't know about ... more »

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ROKU in the house. Chromecast in the garage

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Im not in moto industry but We have the same issues. For us and most manufacturing it's more about the current lock downs in China, lingering supply chain impacts of COVID and inflation.

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So much crack being smoked in here

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I though Dowd was the one who didn't start racing til he was 17? Pretty sure Christian went pro at 17. Not a great comparison

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Funny to see everyone shocked and butthurt over this. The guy's nickname is Bam Bam. He slows down and crosses over ruts to take out lappers. Been dirty his whole life. Mookie is a big boy. Let him handle it.

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Randy is awesome. Love when he's on the show.