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Ken Roczen, Marvin Musquin, Dylan Ferrandis........

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You’ll manage to find plenty of riding spots every weekend anywhere around New Zealand. Search That’s NZ’s version of ebay, you can search for anything on there, including cars and motorbikes. So flick through that. That’s how most used bikes ... more »

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Could I please get a link? Cheers

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New Zealand has a well thought out event to fundraise to send our team over. We have a ‘NZ club Of Nations’, where each MX club in NZ send their best riders to race each other in the Des nations format at a local track in Taupo, with the event earnings ... more »

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Also if he was racing in MXGP and got 3rd (hyperthetical because he could of won, just throwing out a if/but), or crashed while running a faster pace, then they would of been pushed to 3rd in qualifying. Gate pick is everything at a race like this so ... more »

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Who shares dropped the most after winning their supercross title with -Malcolm Stewart not racing the outdoors Vs -Justin hill not performing very well outdoors? Different years so it's a different situation, but did Malcolm choose the right thing knowing ... more »

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I think Bagget is going to really step it up outdoors. Just look how comfortable he is on the KTM indoors, and he has had a lot more success outdoors.

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This was posted on Martins instagram back in January. Any truth to this?
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This was interesting to me that Reed is thinking about signing an extra 2 more years if everything goes well for him next year. Looking at his AUS-X performance, he looks happy!! ... more »

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What if JGR turned their main focus to MXGP? Would they do that since they seem to be getting shafted by Yamaha in the states with them signing Cooper without telling JGR

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I may been wrong but i havnt seen any pictures of Josh Grants bike at Anaheim. didnt see him riding on the media day?? he should of been since his win at Anaheim in 2009?

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