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MEK will take it right off but will dull any graphics it touches. Be sure to wear rubber gloves.

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I am 58 and weigh 195 lbs. If you would like the forks to feel anything like kyb's try 7.5 bar. That is what I use and then adjust stiffness with clickers.

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The 150 sx comes with two maps stock . You plug in or unplug a wire under the tank to switch from map to map. I added a toggle switch to the bars to make going from one map to the other easier. I like the slow map better most of the time, it slows down ... more »

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There is a number cast on the right side of the cylinder. 54 for the 125 and 58 for the 150 . That is piston dia.

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If you are going to ride on the weekend scrubbing dirt is open. Durhamtown is open every day but the mx tracks are not worth your time. Silver dollar and aoina are mostly race only tracks. Drive two extra hours south and go to monster mtn. in Ala. best ... more »

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I have a 2020 150 sx and I will tell you, don't try to jet it until you replace the jet block gasket. After that the jetting chart in the owners book will get you very close. The 150 sx loves a 500 or larger main jet below 80 deg F. I sold my 450 and ... more »

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We have nine months on the 2020 ktm 150sx and have learned a lot about this bike. I know this is a pipe and silencer thread so I will stay on subject. The stock pipe is good enough for all but those willing to trade all round power for unlimited top ... more »

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Our dealers have not had any 2020 yz125's for months now. That is a fair price OTD.

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Pushing 60 years of age I remember Sue Fish being the first woman to QUALIFY (fast forty) for a national back in the '70's. Not to take anything away from Jordan , she is a very fast racer at the top level . She did get to race a national moto due to ... more »

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I do swap out the pads with the wheel change . It only takes a minute or so and insures a perfect match with the rotor.

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I don't know about the riders but it is much more enjoyable for the spectators. I was at the WW ranch national in FL. last year and it was too hot to stand in the sun all day. I said I would not go back if it was that hot again. Back in the '70's we ... more »

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I would like to comment on LL 100 AV gas. First it is not as good as VP t 2 or c12 for a two stroke. If money were no object VP MRX02 would be my fuel of choice but I cannot afford 30.00 a gallon gas for my YZ125. Back to LL 100 AV gas, as many have ... more »

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I had the same problem with a yz125 shorty silencer not lining up. I would have had to bend it in a vise to get the mounting tab to bolt up. I called and got a guy in the back at FMF and explained the situation and he seemed to suggest I did not know ... more »

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I'm 200 lb. and my 2018 yz125 pulls hole shots over ktm 150sx and 125sx all the time. At the A class level where just about every racer is running the motor at the limit the extra power may come into play. With vet riders and C class riders the user ... more »

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Before you have the cylinder ported try machining the head to the correct squish and add a HGS pipe . I did these mods to my 2018 yz125 on a recommendation and felt the bike was good enough and decided not to have it ported or go big bore 144. The head ... more »

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I was at at the silver dollar race in Georgia on 5-17 and the turn out was huge. I looked at the results on the victory sports site and noticed that 2/3 of the entries were out of state riders. I love these large races but wondered if it will continue ... more »

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Your 1500 series truck won't last long pulling a 7x14 . We ruined the transmission in a Chevy Tahoe 5.3 with towing pkg. pulling a 6x12 tandem axel. Gas millage was around 10 mpg.

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Motocross is going PC , I like this sport less and less with every new rule change . Bob Hannah wouldn't last one week in this new environment. Going 250 t vs. 250 f in the lites class would just show the AMA and Honda how wrong they were forcing two ... more »

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Daytona Sx 1999 , I was getting lapped by Ezra Lusk in the 250 heat race and thought I would stay close to him down the straight and maybe get to see myself on TV. As soon as I pulled back in behind him I caught a rock to the upper lip and started bleeding ... more »

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I'm A 200 lb. Vet A rider and we have a 2020 150sx that is setup with a 45 rear spring but run the forks at 108 psi. I can only get the KYB feel out of the forks by running a super low air setting. Comp. is 9 clicks out reb. is 12 clicks out. Even at ... more »