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I use VPR mixed 50/50 with 93 pump gas at 32:1 using the same jetting I did on straight pump gas. With 100% T2 I leaned the clip one notch. My bike runs just as good at 50/50 as it does on straight VPR so I mix it to save money.

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In the '90s I raced pro SX on 250 Hondas and the frames did stretch to the point it had an affect on handling. When the bike was brand new I would measure from the swingarm pivot bolt to the front axle and make a note in the owners manual. I would remeasure ... more »

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A friend has a 22 yz125 X ,it still comes with the mikuni TMX 38 carb. From the first ride this bike ran rich and leaked fuel out the overflow tube. We tried smaller pilot jets and clip positions with little improvement. The jet block gasket was replaced ... more »

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I would think Chad Reed could still make the night show on his 04 YZ 250.

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Low speed shaft movements before the face shim lifts is controlled by the bleed hole. The rebound adjuster has more effect on compression than the compression adjuster . Next time the shock is off the bike remove the spring and compress the shock by ... more »

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Walmart has them and Harbor freight also, about $10.00 . You will need to spin it fast so runout will be a problem , just keep moving the micro chuck around until it spins as true as possible.

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Yes in the 70's we did complain about all the new bikes and for good reason. Back in the day new bikes were just a starting platform , you could race them stock until they broke. If you wanted to avoid DNF's you had to finish what the MFG started and ... more »

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An option you may consider is drilling 1/2" or 3/4" holes up from the bottom of the seat foam in the area you sit. This is an old trick we used in the 90's to soften up technosel foam that came too firm. I removed the foam from the seat base but have ... more »

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I stopped attending the SX in the GA dome around 2015 due to the crime riddled neighborhood it was located in. Arthur Blank will not allow anymore motorsports in his new stadium. I attended the race at the AMS last year and it was much better in every ... more »

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Is it possible they would have lost the wrongful death case with DR. Adam White when the tree fell on him while he was riding the MX track ? In addition to the above lawsuit that could total up to some serious losses

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Back in 2009 or so I bought some A kit suspension at a Delta lost baggage sale. It came in a nice custom gun case with cutout foam for the shock and forks. When I went to the desk to pay for it I noticed the passenger was Nathen Ramsey traveling from ... more »

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If the forks were mine I would bore the holes 2mm larger, that is only .04" removed on each side of the hole. The major force is going in the up direction and there is plenty of metal up top.

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I have never seen that place on google maps but if you are that far south on I85 drive another hour south and go to monster mountain.

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Daytona sx 2003 heat race

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I run av gas mixed 50/50 with pump gas in my ktm 150sx and my yz125 before that. On the yz125 I leaned the pilot to a 37.5 and went up to a 500 on the main. You can run LL100 straight but I felt it made the bike run flat, it was much more responsive ... more »

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My current bike is a 2020 ktm 150sx. My bike prior to the 150 was a 2018 yz 125. The ktm 150 is much more powerful than the yz125 but it is also a lot more work to go fast on.. It gets old hearing about the yamaha's outdated chassis and how the ktm is ... more »

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I ordered the OEM keihin from RMATV in Jan. of 2021 and it was in stock . I used the nozg needle and 45 pilot after the weather warmed up. A.S. adjustment 1 3/4 out main jet 188, stock slide is # 7 I still use it.

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I broke down and ordered the stock 2016 keihin carb for my 2020 150sx. It comes with the 125 jetting specs even if you order off the 150sx engine page. I tried it that way at first and it ran pretty good. I changed the needle and pilot to lean it out ... more »

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Yes, I have had that happen on several rear tires. The mx 32 is one of my favorites but they will blow out on the side and make you think the rim is bent. I was getting them cheap so it was still worth it but I would be pissed if I paid one hundred dollars ... more »

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MEK will take it right off but will dull any graphics it touches. Be sure to wear rubber gloves.