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Having been in the same spot, I think I can share some hits and misses I’ve had: 1. Current ride is a Trek Emonda ALR (alum.) with full 105 groupset (brakes, chain, derailleurs, etc). LOVE this bike and have been the most consistent and satisfied. For ... more »

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Eli won the 2013 outdoor title in 250s. His only 450 title came last year (2017) in MX. EDIT: Kirk, I think I misread your original post. It makes sense now...Eli is the only *current* single digit with a 450 championship. My mistake...

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Interesting that the 2019 350 sxf is only 1–ONE—pound heavier than the 250 sxf. Quite impressive. Really enjoyed Keefer’s first impression...worth a listen if you haven’t already: Listen to Show #63 - 2019 KTM 350 SX-F First Impression from Rocky Mountain ... more »

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Here’s the back of my Ridgeline: Nicky Hayden sticker and Braaap Nutrition. Miss both of them—

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Notice that the KTM mechanic was right there as well, even lending Husky a bike stand. And KTM's rider has the most to gain by Anderson's misfortune. The "team" (KTM/Husky ) alliance was intriguing to watch--class acts on both sides.

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Just saw one of these on display at a Nashville-area dealership. Looked like a Strider balance bike with a cordless drill battery. I’ve not seen the Oset in person, but Donnie at Graham KTM (Vital member too/North ... more »

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Detroit 2016. Anderson “won” after Dungey was penalized.

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My son loves his, too! He does laps around our (semi) open layout in the kitchen/living room. Have fun & enjoy! Merry Christmas to your little

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A second for Rokform stuff. I’ve used the bicycle mount on my road bike with great success and just started using the motorcycle mount on my dual sport Husky. Does require the Rokform case but I’ve had one on every iPhone I’ve bought. Great customer ... more »

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Absolutely proud of all three guys. Bravery and selflessness to accept the challenge; dedication after a long, grueling season; and commitment to give it their the mud, against stacked odds. The final result wasn't what they or anyone would ... more »

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FYI, the fall Loretta Lynn's ride day is Oct 20-22. If you make it here by then, hope you're able to make it. Looking forward to it! Edit: Shelby Farms is awesome. Great I want to go ride instead of working right now

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You'll be good. My wife really likes Collierville & Germantown, and we do most of our shopping, doctor visits, etc. there. Taxes are cheaper in the county next to Shelby (Fayette Co.) so we got more house and yard for our money. Lots of good people ... more »

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I agree with Joey. Moved here 4 yrs ago and found it not as bad as advertised. With a little common sense and awareness, we've (meaning wife & 2 small kids) have been great. Hidden Valley MX is the only track/riding area I know of. Remember that ... more »

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100% on board with this team. I'm a fan of all 3 guys, and like was mentioned earlier, each one of these guys answered the call and put country before self. They have my admiration and full support

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Saw a YZ250 on the dealer floor in TN last week. My first impression was that they looked better in person. They weren't as flashy as expected...I kinda liked it on that particular bike.

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Sold. Heading to a good home!

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Yes sir. Email add is

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McGrath bobblehead reduced to $50 with free shipping in US only. PM or quote reply.

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Thanks, Broesel#33. At this time, I can only ship to US and Puerto Rico.