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I feel like no one has talked about this, but I wonder how many people there for the race, whether it be a rider, mechanic, track crew etc., will test positive for covid. I mean with I believe up to 900 people allowed in, coming from all over the country, ... more »

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Assuming they're making a game next year, how do you think they'll go about the schedule? I figure they do some kind of mapping of each of the actual tracks, and not just the track design based on track maps. Will they actually have 7 different slc tracks ... more »

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I didn't think it'd be coming back, though I'm glad it is. Also though, just because it is going on, doesn't mean it should be. I also can't say that I know whether it should or shouldn't for sure. I'll just sit back and enjoy though, that I absolutely ... more »

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So brave of you

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They always say fb is the biggest dumpster fire of social media. However with the three social media sites I visit, this is where I see the most ignorance. Now I know with fb, I choose who I'm friends with, so I get that their opinions are likely to ... more »

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That's what's weird about him having this problem now, because he grew up in high altitude with no problems, but now something has changed. I really don't know much about altitude sickness, but am I wrong in thinking that if you stay at altitude, it ... more »

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I figured he tried some psychedelics after hearing him on pulp. I'll say he did come across as a bit of a generic guru, but I can also relate. Trying mushrooms was extremely eye opening, and very spiritual. It's not something I would ever do on the regular, ... more »

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Probably partly the setting, partly the infrastructure for TV, etc., and I'd guess there was also some contractual items for the season-ending race with the Utah Sports Commission.

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Looking at photos of the stadium, looks like it's be possible to run part of the track outside the stadium. Hard to tell for sure from the photos though. Does anyone who has been there think it'd be possible?

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Donald McGourty, Turbo Reif. Also growing up racing district 23, I thought Brett Ohland would have been a solid privateer. Teddy Maier is another from that area I thought would have had a more successful American career. Those guys used to blow by me ... more »

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Friese has only gotten better through the years

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"an tell"

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You're like those people who say you don't need to be in good physical fitness to ride motocross because you just sit there and twist the throttle.

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I'm glad he's happy, I really am, but man is that generic bumbling guru talk cringey.

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Right? Didn't expect to see a comment like this here.

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No, I thought you were thinking along those lines. Your two comments seem to contradict each other though, so I have no clue where you stand now. I certainly do not think this will magically clear up on may 26th 2020. Somewhere around the same date in ... more »

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I thought it was just a universally known thing that greatest retired racer basically means that they have a cool personality, and has nothing to do with how their racing career went.

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As someone who plays in a band myself, I'll admit that I'm a bit jealous of them having that leg up on getting exposure for their music through their moto fame. If they weren't known in Moto, their music doesn't stand out. None of these present day guys ... more »

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Now if we can get everyone on board to wear these things long enough for you to think this is the way the world is now....