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And Herlings caught Anderson before crashing. And Herlings wasn't even "early" in his 450 career. It was literally his first ever race on a 450 (he had raced a 350 before). Herlings didn't even race Tomac at Glen Helen but that guy's got stars and stripes ... more »

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Lol on a flat-ass, shitty track five years ago he lost after coming back from injury, but go ahead and ignore the races against AMA competition since then: Glen Helen: 1-1 over JMart and Forkner Ironman: 1-1 Florida: 2-1 2017 MXoN: Waxed AMA riders 2018 ... more »

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I don't see KTM just letting it happen. They'll want the combined firepower of Herlings and Prado to dethrone Gajser. What's cool is that Herlings himself always seems to have a personal interest in racing the nationals.

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I guess it depends on what happens with injuries. Every year there are slower privateers than A-Mart getting top 10s in the outdoors.

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I think he can absolutely get top 3 in a moto and maybe overall. I love Suzuki, but I think it might be holding him back right now. Hopefully they can get that machine well-tuned and prove me wrong. If he was on a different bike I would absolutely say ... more »

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In the United States? No chance Lupino finishes that low here. He can handle points-scoring guys like Rodbell, Schock, etc.

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And Tomac went 5-0 on the CRF after signing with Kawi. Then the shoulder thing happened, sadly.

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So if Wright dominates again, will he get his ass down to the States? I like the Canadian series, but a guy that talented should be racing down here.

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Funny how everyone brings up that Charlotte race, on one of the weirdest, shittiest, flattest tracks ever, and nobody brings up how a week later Herlings absolutely destroyed JMart and Forkner on Glen Helen, where they ride all the time.

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Broken clocks are right twice a day. Geoff might have been right about that, but he's been so far off on so many other things that it's hard to give him much respect.

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After the last two races, I think Marvin is sneaky dangerous. At times he hounded Tomac's title runs, and there were a few races like High Point '18 where he beat him straight up. If Tomac isn't that guy anymore and Marv can get back to his old level, ... more »

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St. Louis 2010 would be a good one for Dunge and RV.

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If I were a pro mine would say "ASSMAN"

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Triple-A is professional baseball, you saying Mike Trout wouldn't be sandbagging if he spent his career there? Guys like Tomac, Roczen, and Webb shouldn't spend their careers in the 250 class. That said, I think I agree with what you're actually saying. ... more »

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I knew it would be a mistake clicking on that, but I didn't know it was going to be a Cooksey-sized mistake.

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GuyB gets trigger-happy with so many of these threads, and yet this incoherent mess has somehow made it to six pages.

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I remember that he always had the racecraft before he was on KTM. In the 250s he was so good at reading what other riders were going to do. But he has mentioned that before Aldon he didn't train at 100%. He said he took it too easy and didn't know he ... more »

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Yeah, I think the real argument is just flashy talent vs. unflashy talent. If Roczen and Musquin can smoothly glide through a rutted outdoor track but Tomac and Herlings can just manhandle the bike past them, are the latter two really less talented? ... more »

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I'll be curious to see how Coop weathers the AC-Sexton-Ferrandis storm these next few years. Right now those guys are way too inconsistent to pose any threat to him, but I believe they each have next-level technique that we haven't seen in some time. ... more »

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I'll give Jett the benefit of the doubt for now because I haven't seen him get dirty with anybody except Mosiman. When Forkner first became a punk it kind of seemed like he dished on everyone. I'm also biased because I want to keep buying the Jett hype. ... more »