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Peacock is okay for qualifying but absolutely junk for race coverage

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Durham is a rad guy. He is a good friend of my nephew, got a chance to spend a very brief time with him at Mammoth a few years ago and he was extremely cool. Treated my family feel like we were part of the FH crew, which made a bitchen time for my two ... more »

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Seriously.. 5 pages of NOTHING?!?! WTF?? I’m dying to know what went down at Dilla...

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I can’t believe I just read four pages of this nonsense.. All I hope for is battles and a good race

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Absolutely heartbreaking,.. my biggest fear having two boys that ride. Which is why we no longer ride nationally.. I love and hate this sport so much.. Godspeed young man. Your friends & family are in my thoughts and prayers

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Bailey & Johnson..

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If my aunt had balls.. She’d be my uncle

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Obviously fake news..? Kidding.. (Kinda) any positive story on Moto & military families is cool by me

Started new thread Wacker "Thrashedkids" Thrashed Again.. 5/3/2018 9:34 PM

Dustin is my nephew, and as most of you on this board know, is not only a super cool guy, but absolutely rips on a scooter. Unfortunately, he had a bit of a mishap this week and blew out both of his ankles (bad) and will require a lot of work to put ... more »

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Might be a good idea to park this thread.. I know that there was no ill will from the OP but now knowing that the guy is dead it seems in bad taste..

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Fasthouse is great gear, super stylish and well built. I guess I fall in the "douchbag group" I i have spent some time with most of their riders and owners and will say it is the coolest group you will ever meet.

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Don't have the energy to read though all 12 pages... Bike looks great but.... E Start???

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Love watching Barcia ride, but he is a giant douch, he has proved this over and over..

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Gotta love this guy, I am pulling for him, has the speed to be on the box for sure.

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Okay, its possible, so why hasn't it happened? There seems to be a crapload of people that think it would be great entertainment.. I would also love to see Supercross go to 2 mains like outdoors.

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bad link..

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I have an idea,.. Lets add a 125 smoker class..That would be super rad! I really cant believe no one has thought of this before?? Seriously though.. I would love to see a smoker class, however the lack of manufacturer support would make it near impossible. ... more »

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Hell, go for the trifecta.. get a few waves too!! Now that would be the perfect day.. I guess it would even be better with some road ____ inbetween..

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Very cool, I miss Village, some great memories there, Other than my 5yr old breaking his femur.