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what kind of douche buys that to ride round his lawn?

Added reply in a thread Jett & Hunter Lawrence SHRED a CR500 Two-Stroke! 7/29/2021 1:13 AM

I didnt see any "shredding" in that video. they would have ridden a 65cc faster

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with his style and smoothness if he had got to supercross early I don't see a reason why he couldn't have done a JMB and won a few seasons of supercross.

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It hasnt flatlined or lost excitement , back in the day they all did the same tricks as well, the problem is social media , we are seeing these guys all year practicing and doing this stuff, in X games day you would get rumors and maybe the odd picture ... more »

Started new thread JMART not resigning with Star? 7/12/2021 8:02 PM

Just listened to pulps Southwick review, and Steve mentioned a rumor he heard that he will not be resigning with star, how is this not happening? He has had a rough year but when on form he is the man to beat outdoors. Would love to see him and mitch ... more »

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if this is it what a SHITTY way to go out! following the JS7 route. the guys still got speed to pull a win here and there. He has had a great career but must be shit for him ending on a sour note like this too...

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he is one of the best racers but also one of the worst speakers we have ever had, i was always a dunge fan of his riding but he is not right for this role. He has always been too politically correct, i never feel like he spoke what he was feeling as ... more »

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If he holeshots i putting him down for 1st moto win. These elite kids always bring a bit extra there 1st round

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Hmm now there's an opportunity for the mxgp / FIM crowd to start a true "world supercross championship" .

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being from New Zealand its fucking embarrassing we are supporting this and also that the Olympic committee are letting it happen, i hope it opens a can of worms and another country like Russia sends an entire fleet of them to the next Olympics and makes ... more »

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where's the start of the messages? i feel Denny has said something for Steve to respond from that 1st message? but regardless what a low life POS from Steve to make comments like that

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What a weak field. Tim from last to 9th on 1st lap, Lupino couldnt even get top ten in USA and gets 4th oa

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No what's shit is the guys been waiting since February for a reply, 4 hours after he posts this thread low and behold he gets an answer. Like we haven't seen this happen before though They`re also so busy they have put up 2 posts on Instagram today, ... more »

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in the time it took ML to post a reply here he could have emailed the OP back...

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i`am no Marchbanks fan but man that must feel good to beat all of Mitch's boys..

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I get he is busy, but this business was not just him was it what's the other people(s) doing?

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He crushed it on the 250, why not drop to the 350 if the 450s too much to handle?

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These Japanese are crazy for not putting effort into mini bikes, theres this thing that happens when a kid goes from a KTM50, to 65, 85 , 125 250. so many keep to the ktm brand. I dont know about the whole but race days over here the Junior / mini numbers ... more »

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So i assume you kept your honor and you gave the guy his money back for the stolen kx500 you sold him?

Added reply in a thread I bought a stolen bike? 5/24/2021 11:12 PM

man this definitly sounds like the case, if you get screwed over and it is along these lines id be removing a whole lot of parts before the bike gets taken off you