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Man my heart went through my throat on that. To each his own but damn son.

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This thread is like a prison on planet bullshit in a cell with that weird kid in school that eats his boogers publicly.

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The pisser of the whole docking/penalties is AMA will punish the riders and slap the hand that feeds them , however Feld will play these clips on every commercial break, before every race , and replay it four times on the next broadcast just as there’s ... more »

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Amazing that plain facts are misconstrued as “being defensive”. Well with douche canoes like that running around there’s a reason he’s trying to clarify before someone of clearly such high regard and respect would say something negative for no reason ... more »

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Ask me after Daytona

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We had a 250xc stolen, found the guy took pics and took them to the police. They weren’t interested in helping at all. Told me I should have locked it up. It was. Chained too. Wheelie boys type stuff. I even had video of them ripping through town on ... more »

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I swapped to renthal med full waffle. When my hands get nasty and mudd gets everything slick I still have crazy hand traction. You do get hamburger hands after a few hrs but it’s better than not hanging on. Let’s me relax my grip more therefore lessening ... more »

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I say we change it to MORTAR CROSS ! Add in an extra level of entertainment and give the troops some training as well!

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There’s attention to detail and then there’s this. I loved my klxs and Xrs. Larry Roesler had some really neat klx stuff way back when. Those Xr 250s were made of some indestructible materials I suppose because they just wouldn’t die !!

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But show me your sprocket bolts! I say that with my pinky firmly extended in my most eloquent British accent.

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One things for sure, when all the big names you know now leave someone will still be the fastest , someone will still win and everyone will stil complain about the announcing on vital. Stamp it.

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Big money wins again folks

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This thread makes me not hate the internet so much

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Zach is real inspiration for all us old farts. I hope his back can make it through the year.

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I’m 205 and my rm125 is my most fun bike to ride by a long shot.

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Per Racerx Osborne is feeling pretty good and the back is getting very much repaired. You think all the homeopathic remedies will work? My back is hashed and has been for a while. Typical story, chiropractors say you need more therapy, dr say surgery, ... more »

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That’s fantastic... mike Rowe is a stud.

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Hmm. Gonna be a long offseason I see.

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If the frame is damaged yes. If it’s just external engine work no. I’ve had a claim on a frame job after a bike fell off a trailer and it was well worth it. Had mine been just engine covers and cosmetics no way.