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Congrats! I would ride the wheels off that thing as I am sure he will also. Nothing beats new dirt bike day!

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That’s not a van you got there, that’s a unicorn. Not sure how you pulling that off but I’ve had several vans, both cargo and passenger with all flavors of engines and best I’ve had was in my ford 150 cargo can with the inline 6 cylinder at 17 mpg. Currently ... more »

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Had 3 Fords and 2 GM. This is my current Express Personally I would like a mix of the two on certain things like having a Ford with GM steering and cargo dimensions. You get a tad bit more roof height with the GM. Tad!

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Nothing screams “I am an engineer” more loudly…

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I had one like that. This is what they did.

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I know buttery has quite the following of 20 somethings and younger but I thought he wasn’t liked too much by most “industry” folk. Same for Axel.

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Crazy to say but after moving to Ca. 5 years ago I don’t ride as much as I originally intended. Used to be a atleast once a week guy before. Had an accident and surgery that set me back a little but mostly it’s having people to ride with on the regular. ... more »

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It’s not the capacity of the grid either. It’s the capacity of the producer that powers the grid. CPan is correct. The infrastructure isn’t there. We currently don’t have enough power (rolling blackouts) and if we were to be able to build more power ... more »

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Enjoy dude! Nothing beats new bike at the track day!!! Well, maybe one other thing… Congrats!

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Day and date correct??? If you get there early tomorrow, Fri the 24th, there is a good chance you’ll catch a handful of them there.

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WSX the Arenacross of the early 2000’s. The soft landing for those facing “retirement”

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When done right, any of them, it can’t be beat. Hammer that dirt looks amazing!

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I believe that entire article is spot on. Wish he would have worked in the extinction of the 500 2 stroke and the reasons why.

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As a kid in high school who’s parents wouldn’t allow to have a dirt bike I religiously ordered year after year MXDN t shirts in support of the USA MXDN team. How long ago has this not been done? Last one I got as an adult was the one that never happened. ... more »

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So damn tempting!!!!

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Don’t know if you are a beer drinker but Indian Wells has a brewery and has a beer called Lobotomy Bach that is pretty good and is 9.8% if I remember correctly Envious of your trip and hope to do something similar in the next year or so.

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Correct! What about putting a 125 in the fast 40 made up of 250’s is NOT competing. Pretty notable feat as far as I’m concerned.

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Nice one Manny! I actually lol’d I too was stoked on the effortless looking fight Kenny put up. Was good to see him push to the end and not back down. Hopefully this puts a little more fuel in his fire All the other crap in this thread…jeez!

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I don’t disagree with any of that. Does he have passion? Yes. Is he good people? Yes. Could too much of both of those be an issue? Yes. Having too many irons in the fire doesn’t always allow time for crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s at each ... more »