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Get ready. Red Buuuuuuud is an awesome experience.

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Drunk Lies Smatter

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very very slow and firm hand clap!

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RIP young man. Feel terrible for the Fam in attendence especially the 5 year old boy. I am more than sure his dad was his hero

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Don’t remember exactly but I think for an 04. Did some searching and all parts and distances seem to be exact for the 125 and 250. Pretty sure Motion pro will make you some as well or so I am told.

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I ordered one for the 250 and it seems to be working on the 125. I would order a matching set if I were to do it again just to be sure they are the same. It’s weird though as they are adjustable but don’t see where the adjustment does anything. Finding ... more »

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Surely it could be done at Cahuilla by pumping up the main and tying in some of the vet. Pretty sure lack of pit area for the big rigs would be the issue along with spectator parking. My vote would be for SWAN in Tyler, Tx and Monster Mountain in Alabama. ... more »

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Yes, you can look up anyone you know that works for the government on transparent California. There is a HB police officer that makes 70 or 80K base salary but for the last 10 to 15 years he been clearing double that. Back to Justin. Good for him. Now ... more »

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That’s why I use blue tape. If I drain oil or coolant and don’t refill right away. I put a piece of blue painter tape on my seat as a reminder. Sometimes I’ll even add a note. i.e. “drain plug”. That sucks to have two major faux pas on the same day.

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Agreed Scottie, This was one of my all time favorite T shirts. It wasn’t just about the shirt, but the moto life going on at that time of my life was super rad. 90’s moto was friggin awesome!

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Pretty sure his feeling would be mutual...

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Just drove straight in. No stops no delays.

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Thats awesome Zeke. I’ll be out there with my son, albeit quite a bit older, maybe we’ll run into each other and finally meet. If you see two skinny 6’ ers, one with a redbull hat and a splint on his right arm, that would be us.

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I’ll be leaving home shortly. Will give a report once I get there or get hemmed up in traffic. See you there dudes!

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Not sure how many they let in the Main Gate that is used week in and week out but they have, at the last two nationals ran you a little past there they split you off into two additional areas, upper and lower. I’ll be there bright and early for a full ... more »

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These guys have said it. Anywhere on “The hill” has a good view of the whole track albeit lengthwise. Under and around the Fox VIP area they have terraced off the hill to provide different levels for viewing without the person in fron being in the way. ... more »

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It’s the current state of confusion...

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Yes very. Seems it would be easy enough to start with AC9 settings as he’s been testing at Pala for a while, his bike looks more stable and they are somewhat the same size. Shouldn’t be more than just a few clicks away I would guess.

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Thanks Xeno! Thanks Seth!