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Its awesome that we were all doing the same shit all over the country back in those days long before the days of instant media. Word traveld from person to person or in print across the country. Fuggin Rad!

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Saw this old thread and figured one more comment. If you are going to be riding tracks on the weekends. Getting an early ish start there will be no traffic issues going out but your return will be a little slower. My last few times to glen helen have ... more »

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Hoeft was on the fuggin gas down Mt. St. Helen and through the switch back sand section he was feet on the pegs wfo on that 125. Such a cool event.

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so you are saying that Suzuki purposly engineered and built the 2019 RMZ250F frame to accept the 125 motor without any chopping as a “test”. Hardly a test to spend money on engineering and re tooling your entire production line for the frame and motor. ... more »

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GPS pet finder, key finder, alzheimer patient etc. are small enough to hide somewhere on the the bike. Don’t look for one specifically for bikes...

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The ankle area gets poor circulation already. When not in the boot move your foot constantly thru range of motion. Lay on your back with your foot on the wall as high as you can for as long as you can. You need to carry that bad blood out of there as ... more »

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Thats Timmy Weigand on the Supermini bottom right in the red fly gear. 1st moto he and A Ray went at it for a few laps around the 6th place spot. Wageman was cool to watch definately has outdoor style thats for sure. All two stroke event was tits!

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I broke 7, punctured a lung, broken collarbone and broke a bone in my hand. No pain meds after leaving the hospital for a couple nights stay. Honestly, had more pain in my hand than I did the ribs but I was also in a sling on the same side so there wasn’t ... more »

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Keep in mind theer is free sag. Bike on the stand to bike off on its own weight. then there is “race” sag once the rider sits on it. I usually get the rear correct for the most part with spring rate, sag and free sag then try to balance the front. I.e. ... more »

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Sorry Judy i fully comprehend. Sorry I didn’t spell it out for you. Lets try again Mathes skipped right over the meat and went for the low hanging fruit as a tru vitard would. That better? You

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Nope he totally glazed right over that and went after the error in “win streak” as a true vitard would. never bring a knife to a gun fight...

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Being from South Louisiana and have ridden in all over the Southeast from Florida to Texas up to Monster Mountain the dirt between there and here SoCal is no comparison but SoCal dirt isn’t terrible. I have ridden worse, much worse. In comparison the ... more »

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Social media does NOT equal = instant media on everything you see. Buttry pulled a fast one and looks like some took the bait...

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Looking forward to it! No riding just spectating...

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I wonder if he still rides for fun. He talks as if he is deathly afraid of it now or maybe thats just for the show...

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+1 for gold pass here as well for both sx and mx. Caused me to get a Roku also. However, I am considering cutting the chord now and the savings from that pays for everything else so basically it’ll be free.

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CBD does wonders for anxiety and absolutely helps with focus

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Since Ca. Is out for you. I would look at DFW or North West Houston. When looking in Tennessee look east and more east (Carolinas) not South.

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Fantastic story and have run across a few guys like this over the years and honestly know someone very much like him except he actually wears all of his protective equipment and is not on disability. He is actually a slum lord with dozens of section ... more »

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Had the same. Wore them while riding in our open riding area near where I lived but I always wore a normal “kit” when at the track. Mostly Fox, go figure...