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1987 San Antonio, Texas. 125cc/500cc Rick Johnson won the 500's that day with Wardy taking second (split moto wins I think), it was HOT and rough. Rick Johnson said they DETUNED his 500 between motos. Local pro Danny Storbeck went 4-9, that dude would ... more »

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I was one of the ones saying it wasn't going to happen...BUT...I am very, very happy to be wrong! People are sick of this illegal lockdown. Time to stand up for our rights, we did what they wanted, the curve flattened. Time for the politicians to stop ... more »

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I am in. Told my work peeps my lunch starts at 4pm :-)

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With the power of these 450's sound could easily be solved. They have tons of power already. Enforce a truly reasonable sound level and make them work within that sound envelope.

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Hell my 1989 KX125 had pretty damn good forks especially compared to some of the other offerings. Motor was a dog though. The conventional fork they used in 1998 was pretty damn good too on the RM's. And they look totally cool!

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Won a moto...had a long straight after the finish line jump...wheelied real nice for about 50 yards...then went all the way over in about 3rd gear...damn near skidded bounced the rest of the straight :-)

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I will believe it when it actually happens. Until then, I will retain only a glimmer of hope.

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F--K this piece of trash. I hope he dies in prison of internal injuries after being gang raped.

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Anyone that still believes SX is going to get a finished season....

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Nope...expect to see this for 2-6 MONTHS before any large gatherings are allowed....depending on how fast and far and deep into the population it goes...

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Yes, not a good thing to try and put your foot even closer to the ground while leaned deep into a sweeper and needing an upshift LOL.

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Some of you goobers claiming he wasn’t hurting as bad as claimed are total ignorant tools. He could barely move and was carried off track by his arms last week. At that point he was probably thinking something was broken. The way he landed on CONCRETE ... more »

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One of the most action packed; hellacious battles all over the track, awesome to watch races of the year! Not sure why magazines would say the track was simple and boring. I don’t think any of the racers would agree!

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“it ain’t over till it’s over” Tomac was killing it and the field....until he obliterated both shoulders in the nationals a while back.

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Incredible experience, even if you do one "just because". It will teach you about life, perseverance, to believe in yourself and also that you can do FAR more than what you thought possible. I did mine as a recovery from kidney cancer (and losing my ... more »

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Must what Ricky? Go faster? Win? Get a better start? Stop making mistakes? Just exactly WHAT is the rider MUST be doing? :-)

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Soft....saggy...shock...whoops...aka RC setup.

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Push left side, turn left. Actually, when you push on the left bar end, physics makes the bike "fall" to the left. That big front wheel is just a gyroscope held in place by the long forks.

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Raced an amateur SX in the Astrodome way back in 1994 or 1995...the track was gnarly. There was a section right out of a 90 degree corner, two small table tops in a row. We were struggling to actually clear the first table top, much less land between ... more »