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The majority of the USA will end up having contracted covid19 before we get too far along. It may slow down, but it WILL spread just like the common cold does. You cannot stop it. The good news is the majority of the people under 60-65 with healthy immune ... more »

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I raced a 1985 CR125 - skipped the '86. But BOY, when I got that 1987 CR125R - that was an incredible bike. Those forks and that motor....

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That was a bonehead ego move on Sextons part.

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There will always be a few (3-4) riders that can obliterate the rest of the field. This does not say that the other riders are slow, it just shows how incredibly talented a few riders are. Hell, last place in any 450 main would obliterate me in my prime. ... more »

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It may be possible that the 87 RM250 was slower. I was racing an 88 CR250, my buddy let me ride his RM250....I gave it back after the first lap. It felt like it had a rag stuffed in the airbox.

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This is great, we all keep "bouncing" back and forth... The simplest and most accurate explanation is a combo of several things already mentioned. 1. harder than normal acceleration results in higher speed at liftoff 2. rear of bike is compressed further ... more »

Added reply in a thread Seat bounce 6/11/2020 8:31 PM can do the same thing on perfectly flat ground. Go along at a steady speed. Accelerate hard, weight the back of the bike, then chop the throttle as you move up and forward. Done with correct timing your bike will actually leave the ground. ... more »

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Exactly. By sitting with hard throttle and increased traction which compresses the rear of the bike more,, you actually aim the front of the bike higher and this makes a steeper angle of attack off the face of the jump. You go higher and further.

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Fact is the MAJORITY by far of "covid deaths" are in the 60+ group - and almost HALF of those in that 60+ group are in nursing homes and care facilities, aka "hotspots". Protect the elderly or compromised, let everyone else get back to work. The REAL ... more »

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The problem with heat is that your body needs to cool itself. It does this by shunting more blood to the skin to carry away heat. That leaves less blood in the muscles AND the brain, and hence less oxygen, so you fatigue much faster as heat rises and ... more »

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The "Long Slow Distance" effort run is the base builder for sure. I did an initial 8 week cycle of pure LSD to get the base aerobic fitness in before any speedwork. Once you have a base, you need to learn to do those hard/intense/painful runs on a periodic ... more »

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Also, swimming. You would be surprised how much of a workout it is! When I was training, a 2 hour pool session made me HUNGRY lol. The first time I was in the pool I was shocked at how much work it was, my arms and shoulders were trashed after 10 minutes. ... more »

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Not really 100% accurate. Proper form, proper RUNNING shoes, go a long ways to making running comfortable. Running wrong can indeed hurt you. And unless you have done it and learned it, you are probably running wrong. Done right the impact on your joints ... more »

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Well, Pastrana took flipping bikes for profit to a whole new level.

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Humidity in South Texas is like riding with a hot wet blanket wrapped around you.

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"Easy break in" is a myth. You WANT large throttle openings to create pressure against the rings to make them wear properly to the cross hatched cylinder. You DON"T want to redline it though, and you DON"T want to lug it. Ride it hard, let engine rpm ... more »

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Some people are just going to bitch. No racing BITCH BITCH BITCH. We get to finish the series, now all of you whiners are going to come out of the woodwork BITCHING about the track, the fans, the dirt, hell, why don't you just turn off the damn TV.

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1987 San Antonio, Texas. 125cc/500cc Rick Johnson won the 500's that day with Wardy taking second (split moto wins I think), it was HOT and rough. Rick Johnson said they DETUNED his 500 between motos. Local pro Danny Storbeck went 4-9, that dude would ... more »

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I was one of the ones saying it wasn't going to happen...BUT...I am very, very happy to be wrong! People are sick of this illegal lockdown. Time to stand up for our rights, we did what they wanted, the curve flattened. Time for the politicians to stop ... more »

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