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Mattia Guadagnini led all these guys for over half the moto I don’t think he’s the future of motocross. MXdN always has stand out riders and weird results. Doesn’t usually transfer into full seasons. Coldenhoff, Paulin, etc are 0 time world champions ... more »

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Who said bad trainer? I stated “scamming amateur parents”. As he would receive payment for multiple sessions and show up to one or none and ghost. Very well documented over the years on here and facebook. So no need to waste time sourcing anything. His ... more »

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And now one is retired with millions in the bank, wins in every major class, championships and a legacy. The other is a jail bird, zero money, scamming amateur parents. Times do change, so remember 2009 was 13 years ago. Almost the age of some of the ... more »

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If the “scrub” starts after the front wheel has left the ground, it’s not a scrub. If the front wheel is already in the air when the lean starts, you aren’t actually doing anything. James is undeniably the first to begin scrubbing while both wheels were ... more »

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Rules are rules. If a claim is made, and money is received the deal is done. There should be no further conversation. Inexcusable behaviour.

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It’s a nice break from hearing Jett’s name every 4th word.