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no fans = no sponsors = no money for the sport = another job Mookie or James don't owe ME a thing, you are right. But they do owe the fans (you, me, and everyone on here) a little info on whats going on. That is what a professional athlete does and what ... more »

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Get off your pedestal man. If Mookie wasn't lazy or just terrible with PR he would be racing right now. Mookie cant last more than 8 laps anyway. Where was his lazy a** for the past 2 outdoors, oh that's right on the river. FYI, SX only isn't the answer, ... more »

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I just ran across this on AT. Crazy little world. Hey. Meister do you hunt state ground or private in Ohio? I might start looking for some land in Ohio to buy, lease or hunt state land. Even with the best management if your neighbors aren't on board ... more »

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I don't think I have seen it anywhere so I will post it. Eli needs good starts or he can forget it, this has always been his struggle indoors on a big bike. Now if he clicks off some wins and wins by a good bit he will have Marv mentally beat. Right ... more »

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Here are my thoughts. I will probably buy the game, I will probably play the game and when I play I will have fun with it. I'm almost 30 years old, I'm no longer that guy that has to be the best and win leagues and stuff like that online. I have a life, ... more »

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Points change is dumb...are they changing the points for nationals too? If not, then that makes it confusing. Is MXGP changing their point system (since SX and mxgp are both under the FIM)? Points should have been left alone in my opinion. I like how ... more »

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I know he has done this in the past, but after a full season on a 450 and clearly the best rider on his team why was he not in mxgp class?

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If they are going to re-release MVA Unleashed that's cool, Im down, I was one of the best guys online with that game on Live. The thing I would do though is tweak the physics big time. If anyone here has played the REV version of the game by John Van ... more »

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Barcia never won an outdoor title. That's the biggest difference. Cooper is an overall better rider in my opinion. Barca actually got fairly close in 2012, bUT tomac and bagget were better than him all yr despite Eli getting 3rd in cship with a last ... more »

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Still bitter about Vegas Randy? This guy is a Tomah hater, nothing more.

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I would guess more main events (multiple per round), but that is a complete guess on my part. I love mx and sx. If any part of the talk of SX only happens, I would certainly hope that they would have more rounds like Daytona, or the Charlotte GP. SX ... more »

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about time...way to go man. one more moto and you got it.

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I know what you are saying, but it's not like Pourcel rolled over. He got a DNF in moto 1 at Unadilla, then comes back in moto 2 to grab the win dramatically in the middle of Canard's winning streak towards the end of the season. During the middle of ... more »

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It has been called the wall from what I recall since about 98 which was the first year I got to go to Unadilla. It is steep and I haven't been to that side of the track in about 10 years as I have sat near the new table top close to Gravity Cavity and ... more »

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Not going to happen, but would be cool if he said "hey Eli, you race MX1 and I will race the Open class".

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personally, I think there is a big difference between crashing in turn 1 and crashing midway through lap 1 and going to the back. Crash in turn one you can still pass 5-10 guys on the first lap, in most cases. crash midway through lap 1 you may not pass ... more »

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I must admit Im not too informed on pricing of big bikes the past couple years, but I found a 2017 YZ 250f for $6,299 in central pa. If you are interested PM me and I can tell you what dealership its at.Like i said not too sure of prices as of late, ... more »

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All you have to answer is how much do you want to spend. There is a wide range you can spend on a "mountain" bike.

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I would guess revenue based on a quick search, but that could be wrong. Though numbers online aren't always right. If he's bringing in 30% margins, which is a fair profit margin, he is looking at $750,000. Pretty nice income. Could be much higher profit ... more »