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Alessandro Lupino is supposed to race the first two Nationals.
Number 177 at Fox Raceway.
He is not Herlings but it will be interesting to watch.
He races the WM and was often at the MX des Nations for Team Italy.

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Leave it to B Lenny to make it about Race, Hey Guy Sanction that Munt.

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Speedway GP, World of Outlaws , Local Sprint Car racing at Williams Grove and Lincoln Speedway..

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Does anyone know if Seth is related to Hammaker family in Central Pennsylvania that are pretty famous Racing Sprint cars and building Race engines.

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BLA BLA BLA Bloody Nut huggers a good year but not the only one Boets get a grip .

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Dollar General has been a Lekker high achiever for me in the last 8 years up 85k since buy in.

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Moto has only one colour Red.
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Hitting Dade City this Sunday hopefully Little Red will show up and put on a Show for us buggered up old Squids!

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Martin and Kenny Keylon at Sunshine Speedway St Pete early 80s ultimate sand berm busters.

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RIP Boet was a big fan from the early years the hay day of Motocross a far cry from today's posers and neerdewells Hey! Catch you on the other side my China. Scout

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Happy birthday David one of my wife's prized photos of you givin to her in Unadilla while still kaw support

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Bloody arse Cockup without G L , Us Rhodesian and South Africans demand a explanation! Ping is Lekker but our Boet Grant is irreplaceable and Donnie the Computer Brain Historian is a necessity.

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This Post is Kak thinking this is a Legit segment of our Sport bloody silly k factor criminals stealing bikes and Quad' s from the outer counties from hard working citizens, get a life buggered boy.

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As a Resident that lives 30 miles north of that Hell hole and have had friends and neighbors that sacrificed their Bikes and Quads to these criminals anyone that condones this activity and behavior is totally buggered. Grow the F up these arseholes make ... more »

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Ja Ja no such thing as a ex Rhodesian Hey! RRD and IDS were like God's to me!! Cheers Boet.

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Lekker for the Local Maryland Ripper and also for the neighboring Delaware's Coty Schock seeing good things in the future for these guys.

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Said DNS presuming he had a issue in practice.

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Does anyone know what happened to R J can't find any info on the Media. Kid's been pretty solid with a few mistakes was third in the points you'd think there be some info online.

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Hands down to the 1981Maico 490 sold to hundreds of privateers campaigning from Maine to California and the Importer in RSA and Rhodesia sold hundreds with Super results.

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F That maybe a few tear offs or screens around the Radiator or that special coolant that aids in overtemp hey!