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Will pay whats asked if it's something I want to do .. More of the gate should go to the non-factory riders IMO. Allow privateers to kinda make a living. Would gladly pay double if they'd turn off the goddamned PA system early & often.

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It's interesting hearing the current pro's picks for MX Mount Rushmore. Their selections mostly have to do with race results, career accomplishments, otherworldly speed. Those of us that are .. uh, Old have seen all the names come & go since the ... more »

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RC ; advancing the vocabulary of the English language. When he makes up new words & sentence structure ; we are witnessing history been made. Celebrate the genius of it ! He's really gonna have to put that hard won home school education to work though ... more »

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This is what happens when the three-race-per-week schedule is abandoned. Please God, make it stop.

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Uh .. Marvin Musquin ; world champion. Although his knees have been failing him lately.

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In order to be able to provide relevant advice , were going to need photos illustrating the, uh, 'problem' Lots of them ... from varying angles.

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There should be a camera on Barcia constantly, Anderson too. They're both just fun to watch ride. Marvin & Dylan are in that category too .. when they're upright. Three races a week !! fuk ... yes

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Kenny's mechanic should get busy on some new wheels.

Added reply in a thread Webb running Roczen wide at Daytona... 3/7/2021 7:24 AM

Pretty much tells the story it does. Webb was aware of who he needs to start in front of ( & why ) & executed it perfectly. This is great ! ; 2 point spread 1/2 way in. Hope 94 doesn't crack & ruin a great season finish, Its certain that ... more »

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Joshua ; If you were to choose 3 Vitards at random & perform the applicable test - would their collective IQ's break one hundred ?

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There's a visible joy in his riding, that makes him kinda unique in the 'gets paid to ride' category. A slickly produced reminder of why we got addicted to sensation of riding dirt bikes in the first place.

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Three walls in a row, 30' apart with deep sand in between each .. followed by giant swinging axes & a pit filled with vipers.

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KR's just fine. He's racing smart & most importantly ; getting good starts every week. Webb improving & with two wins. 10 to go, a thirteen point spread & a handful of possible race winners to jumble things up. Exactly what we ( say ) we ... more »

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Kold Kutters are hardened & mostly stay put depending on the type of tire they're in.

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Yea well, we're a racing town .. we call that a 'holeshot'

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Barcia's impatience & poor awareness likely cost him ( & maybe Tomac ? ) the opportunity to stay in the mix, championship wise. Compare with the patience & track awareness shown by Colt Nichols ride from last to podium finish, Colt was passing ... more »

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RC learned at an early age & is the living embodiment that racing is about results & not participation trophies.

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If a small business like most bike shops aren't operating at a 35-40% gross margin overall - then it's a hobby.

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. We'd have all been entertained if only it had been the 51 in that circumstance rather than 94.

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Missed Ralph a bit. The play by play is always backround noise anyway, liked Ralf's version of it better. Diffey is a pro & was well prepared, but Ralph is a real SX fan & that came through in his broadcasting.