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DeCoster has more influence with KTM racing than anybody except Pit Beirer...and Ryan Dungey was his boy. I doubt seriously that they dropped the ball in keeping Dungey. Unless Dungey wanted to walk away, they would still have him.

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Nothing against the kid himself...but for papa Deegan to let him use that name is to invite someone to show him a little "danger" of their own, with a well executed punt.

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I always thought Wardy's Sinisalo gear was "clean"...

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I think Justin will have a lot more pressure on him than Tickle...and that may or may not effect his performance. Broc has nothing to lose. I'd never bet on MX, friendly or otherwise...but I think when the smoke clears, Tickle will point out above Barcia ... more »

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That's a damn good looking Husky, and I hope the very best for Bloss. But, I don't believe he'll show up Bogle.

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You just can't stand not to have the spotlight on you, can you?

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I doubt that. There was a lot of talk about Yamaha giving him an ultimatum regarding him saving his spot on the team for another season...and at least in the SX season, he didn't do the deal. Maybe they'll give him the outdoors to redeem himself, but ... more »

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Yeah, although I doubt seriously that Blake has made the same kind of dough over his career as Tomac, Dungey, Villo or even some others like himself that are pretty much top-10 shoo-ins but never really a podium contender...I bet he ain't broke! I think ... more »

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Yes. I am consistently too old & too slow.

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James has mentioned more than a few times in interviews, plus on the SX commentary videos that he did last year about his thinking about starting his own team. I doubt it would happen with Mookie riding for his brother...but it would sure be a hoot if ... more »

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Best of luck to Bobby, whatever he has planned to do after Rockstar. He's done it a while now, and has always been a "riders owner/manager". Good on him.

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Damnit! Prayers for recovery, MIke! I don't ride on the road...motorcycle or bicycle at all because of the freaking lunatics out there that are so engrossed with their phones or anything else that they don't see anything smaller than a dump truck. I've ... more »

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Cairoli is one of the only guys who could honestly do it even at his age. The guy is an animal, and can beat anybody on the MXGP stage on any given day.

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Marvin & Mathilde are one of the nicest and most gracious couples in the sport. Like Chad & Ellie Reed...they came here as kids with a dream, and have worked super hard the whole time to fulfill it. I'd like nothing more than to see Marvin do ... more »

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I’ve eaten more than my share!

Started new thread What’s up with Barcia? 6/21/2020 5:43 PM

Did he just put it in cruise mode since he knows his ride is kaput? I mean...20th?

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But he's been mediocre (for his status and probable pay scale) the rest of the races so far in the season. He is not popular with the rest of the riders because of his riding style...and has a demeanor that leans towards arrogance. That combination doesn't ... more »

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I doubt Marvin is poverty stricken...but I don't think his chances for a title are as low as you do. Some here have mentioned that the serious injuries Marvin has witnessed from his brother's paralysis to others being hurt might have Marvin nervous, ... more »

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I've been rooting for Roczen since the beginning of the season...but I honestly think the chips are too stacked against him, especially with this latest physical issue. With shingles, you can be fine one pain the next. Not a great thing trying ... more »

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I just don't see Marvin retiring quite yet. He's had a lot of "down" time to recouperate from his injuries, and I still think he has the talent,speed & fire to win a SX Championship. I could be completely wrong...but I still see team KTM being Cooper ... more »