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Blair is brilliant in these videos and in creating the whole idea. He is filling a void in doing something so seemingly straightforward, but packed with so much knowledge and insight. These are so interesting for those who are a bit intellectually curious ... more »

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"How can you have the voices of people that don't go to the races!?" smile

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He was having strength problems holding on in the main. Craig sliced his finger in the heat race and he got it stitched up after the main.

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I went with Atr2 coming from ATR1. Main thing is if you crash in the Formula, you have to buy a brand new Formula which is in line with these helmets but its what $500-700? Crash in the 6D and they rebuild it for $150. And yes unfortunately I've used ... more »

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Is that a wolf!? lol

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You shut your mouth when you talk about my cone valves.

On the issue of whether Factory Yamaha F'ed up their bikes in the past...I think we will see if there is evidence of that if Dylan, Aaron and Malcom excel on the YZ450 this year. Don't ... more »
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I paid 5400 otd. I have a 5 year old coming off a PW50 and consistently getting 45min-1 hr on hard pack tracks on mode 4. He is not slow either and can do small jumps, hit ruts and slide the rear end coming out of turns. Level 4 is required for AMA racing

... more »
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Geico Honda 2020 bike is much improved. Can't wait for this test. Other positive things I noticed about Geico Honda Team: -Doesn't protest fuel when they clearly lost a championship -Team owner doesn't restrict team manager from talking to certain media ... more »

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Why does it look like there are Vet C riders on the track with them 2nd moto? smile

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Would like to hear about possible 450 star ride next year for McElrath. Team managers are good interviews on the show.

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What do you guys think? Heard anything about this?

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I would like to hear what Will Hahn has to say about this on the PULP show. Oh wait....someone ruined that for us.

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That's the thing. We don't know and I am speculating because this is a message board and everyone that knows isn't allowed to talk about it. There are many aggressive corporate strategies that are perfectly legal, for example a hostile takeover is one. ... more »

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Sounds like harley enticed them with investment capital, took Alta's intellectual property and bounced. Sounds like he has some legal reasons restrictions from the deal on why he can't go into specifics.

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Most watch reviews I've seen online seem to agree Garmin for GPS accuracy.

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The hardest I laugh in any given month is always sitting alone in my car listening to pulp.

Pulp>WT but these two are the top two by far IMO. Also agree with the point that WT will have to evolve to survive. The model of guest dependent ... more »
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8K?! Wow. I am looking at one for my son. What was wrong with it that took that much work? That seems a bit much for any standard.

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Selling used items for MSRP is an interesting strategy cotton, lets see if it pays off.

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Congrats. You will love it.

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Many southern PA tracks reopen this weekend. Budds creek mentioned 2 weeks ago they would be down a about a month at that point. The Landing MX in Easton MD and Field of Dreams in NJ haven't set anything official.