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In all the years I've been around I would never replace a crank that did not need it. Don't waste your money unless you have evidence it needs replace. I've had way worse than this mess you have and the crank was fine.

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yamalube 2r mixed at 28:1 or32:1

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The new roll pin fitted to the shaft makes sense. The shaft would have been my first guess as two pins have been used with the same result. If you had not used another power valve governor with good results I would have also been suspicious of the power ... more »

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Seems to be a resurrection of sorts doesn't it, lol.

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Can you help me get on. I want to build a new dragster and race full time, I don't have time to maintain a car, hauler and work. I figured if I didn't work I would have more time.

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we used to use the clutch lever for the wr250 Yamaha, it had a different easier pull than the regular stock levers, it was black instead of the standard aluminum

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Last time we raced there we took our newborn granddaughter, born July 3rd, and her 2 sisters. I never once doubted if it was the right thing or not. My wife and I started going down in '84 and have been to race 5 times, countless others to spectate. ... more »

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I have taken a small syringe, filled with fluid, with hose that fits snug on the bleeder screw, loosened banjo fittings and back bled system. a cheaper route than the vacuum bleeder if you have a syringe lying around. I had one from the pharmacy that ... more »

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If James has to choose between racing or this medication, if necessary for his well being, in my opinion he will retire and use his medication.

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It doesn't work until it gets close to the bar? You may have blown a seal in the master cylinder, it is common in tip overs. if it is air you may zipty the lever to the bar for a few days and the air will rise out of the system back into the master cylinder. ... more »

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It is common for the master cylinder seal to blow with the right kind of blow. I had a bike get knocked off the stand and blow a master cylinder seal

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If its the water pump seal it usually leaks on the seal that leaks out of the case, a 2 part sealing system, 1 internal 1 external. If it leaks inward, the oil will become milky and gooey. If it is grey and not slimy I would think it is deterioration ... more »

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All symptoms are of a lean pilot circuit. Richen that baby up 2 sizes and try your luck, I'd bet it will start on a half kick and the decel pop and glowing pipe disappear, you wont even have to use the choke

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Pretty sure Jimmy and Greg rode for Sudyke back around 2002 on Yamahas

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Cam timing, ignition timing

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140 to 175

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I would contact Cycra, I m sure they can answer your question. I was thinking they make the new fender with the old bolt pattern also.

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I don't think it will ever be an issue, the load of the bearing is spread around and supported by the race, the race held in place by the hollowed out frame tube. I'd bet there are hundreds out there that have been cut unknowingly and the owner is not ... more »

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what Ideal said

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Hey fab, you might want to cryogenic treat those parts also