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I'd say go ride in the Open B and see how competitive you are there. If you're up front then you'll be fine in A. Having small gates makes it hard to actually gauge your speed in comparison to a regional or national level. If you are winning or up front ... more »

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We've always been outside in the parking lot in the rigs before. But I think you are right that they keep the bikes and everything inside.

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Yep, there's a reason why Barcia did a complete overhaul back to stock and restart the testing process. He didn't change his training or riding, it's the bike that he focused on. I always like to see what the top privateers are running as well. What ... more »

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California motocross holidays. I personally have used this service and it is top notch whether it’s just a day or a week. Michael is in here and is an awesome dude, even for a Brit lol

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Badass ride from him! Did great in fantasy too lol.

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Leigh is great! He is quick and knowledgeable and keeps the excitement going.

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Durhamtown is legit. Just left there yesterday after three days of riding. At GTR for sand riding for a couple days now. Durhamtown has something for everyone. 6 or 7 different tracks plus trails for days. If it’s wet tho, stay away imho.

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I've got the Fox Raceframe Roost protector. It's super lightweight and ventilation is great. It's hard plastic for great roost protection and has a removable back piece as well. I use it with the back piece for Downhill and without for moto, all under ... more »

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I think this is a great move. It's been big in NASCAR for years now. You see lots of drivers/teams that have different title sponsors for different races. We did it here at Nationwide with Jr. With the costs of an entire season, it really does limit ... more »

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Davalos for sure.

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Maxima Premium 4 in all of my bikes now. Ran Rotella in my road race bikes for years with no issues as well.

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The AMA rulebook is used by AMA sanctioned tracks for events and oftentimes by non AMA tracks as well. There is a Director of Motocross that the AMA is actually currently looking to hire. It's on their website. This person is responsible for managing ... more »

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finally upgraded to a xbox one and picked this up this week. Definitely a fun game. Haven't tried the online stuff yet, trying to get better, it's way different than the older MX games, actually have to brake and stuff. The starts seem like you just ... more »

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Bingo!! Remember that the bike is rotating around the steering stem. The rider and front end maintain the same trajectory path, the rear of the bike is the only part moving out. The steering stops prevent the completion of a tailwhip like in BMX. You ... more »

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I've done it on accident as well. Covering the brake with arm pump and pull it in the air. I did not notice anything personally, was more shocked that I pulled it and wanted to be sure to let off before returning to ground lol.

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lol, back end is the direction of the whip. You can whip the bike the same direction with opposite bar inputs. Scrub style vs. pancake style. Bikes use counter-steering, so turn left, bike go right, it's just the way whips have always been described. ... more »

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Good to hear! I have full FCR suspension on mine, springs/pistons/valving. It helped for my size/weight, but nothing has ever made such an immediate difference on anything I've ever ridden than changing the mounts. I'm working on riding a new KX450 to ... more »

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Yep, soft uppers and mediums lowers. Went back out this last week with very different track conditions and continued to be able to run the same times, ride comfortably and with confidence. The bike feels so much better, a lot like my old 2006 CRF450. ... more »

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I didn’t really get the whole “qualifying practice” thing about Osborne. It was timed practice but not qualifying. The qualifying race was for that. Why hang it out in practice just to put up a top time? The 40 min is for dialing in settings and figuring ... more »

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I believe it’s the flex of the actual mounts themselves, not the chassis/frame.