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Washougal is charging $50 per rider right now.

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I have 3 favorite all equal in how much I love them, just very different reasons. Being able to race on Sunday during the national at Hangtown in front of my dad before he passed away. My son and daughters first races and attending the MXoN at Red Bud. ... more »

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There really is no way to truly know the answer to that question. Do your own research and make the best decision you can.

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In the last 3 years I have worn Fox/Shift, Thor and FLY. All three make great gear IMO. My personal favorite right now is the FLY lite hydrogen just for the BOA system, the BOA really sets it apart for me. Quality on the three brands seems about the ... more »

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I race 30+B up here in the NW and we NEVER have gates of 33 in the Vet class. Even at the Washougal amateur national the most we see is like 25. Thats awesome and I am jealous.

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Dancing around? Have you tried tightening up the stem nut a little bit?

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Would you be willing to pay more for less classes?

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I run Delo 15w-40 in everything. I have ran in my lawn mower, pressure washer, generator, 350sxf, PW50, KTM 65, DRZ70 and my Duramax. Everything but the wife’s Traverse gets Delo. I would have no problem running Rotella, but my Costco sells Dell only ... more »

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This. We bought our son the SGJ from Gaerne and he loves them. I highly recommend them.

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Actually test rides do pay Keefers bills. Maybe think before posting an ignorant comment.

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Can’t vote for RV being the coolest, maybe the most dickish. I gotta vote MC coolest with Doug Henry right there as well.

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Is he for real?

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Is Marv riding yet?

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They have paid players, there cap situation in past years shows that. Belichecks genius is in player development and not paying players for past history. The Pats always seem to cut or trade guys right before they either fall off the cliff or just plan ... more »

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Delo or Rotella!

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It will be interesting to see how the Pats do this year without Tom. I personally can't stand them and am sincerely wanting to see them suck for a while.

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Your Airbrakes could use a new lens bud. smile

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We have gravity fed for years, it works perfect out the track.

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I have 30 hours on mine and absolutely love it. First 350 I have owned and its been great so far.

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I have 2 stories. First one was a rock at OPMC jumping down the hill mid air I got hit by a rock in the sense of my Smith goggles. The rock gave me a black eye and dented the lens of my goggles. I lulled off because I thought my vision was blurry. Second ... more »