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I am excited to see the changes to the 6D helmet.

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I don’t think anyone is worse than Joey Savatgy at dropping “we”.

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That was so rad! Kurt is a hero of mine and Brandon is a buddy. So cool to see them interacting like that. What a cool looking place to ride.

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He is right though. I rode a 2017 TX300 with one and turned around and bought a 2018 TX300 because of the counterbalancer and how it runs. It really is awesome how smooth they are.

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Find an insurance company that can bundle everything together for you, that's your best bet for a good deal. Car, bike, rental/home owners etc. We use Safeco, but there are good deals out there, just have to shop a little.

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You cannot win a looks contest with a Suzuki if you don't have gold rims.

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That would be awesome, Washougal could have a really cool Big 6 race. There are several places up here that would be really fun.

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I posted in there that I think part of the problem with Western states off road racing is the pure amount of series competing against each other. It deludes the competition down and the crowds. Also don't think it helps that only 1 race comes to the ... more »

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That is pretty much Seattles dirt, its just wet.

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That still doesn’t explain his results in 2015 during the outdoor nationals.

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I am still trying to figure out how the bike went from winning Red Bud and Budds Creek (I think it was Budds that year) and tying Dungey for the overall at Washougal to being terrible. Makes no sense to me.

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I actually LOL'd at this. So true.

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There was a track here in Washington that had a sketchy built Supercross track. Filthy Phil would definitely call this one deathcross. The main track was ok, but the supercross track had landing ramps the builder would only pack from each side (he would ... more »

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I second this, or possibly an even higher post number. I trust most of the regulars.

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I liked Anaheim 1996. The turning whoop section was cool.

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Your signature that appears below all of your posts says it all. Your posts, much like your signature are false.