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Riding with a youngster is definitely a balancing act. But teaching them hard work and dedication is a must. I’ll share my routine. I have a very supportive wife (that’s the key to all of this) anything I do she backs me 100% and she probably doesn’t ... more »

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This is a hard point to argue.

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Raw speed wise I don’t think any one will argue Kenny has Cooper covered. Coopers late in the race come backs come from a couple things. Mental fortitude, and bike set up. His bike comes to him late in races. He sets it up this way. For when the track ... more »

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Tough call. But I don’t see the fight it takes to be champ personally. But at the same time we are 3 incidents away from a tied championship going into SLC. Jumping on a Red Cross, not getting around dean, and a mistake in the whoops. This championship ... more »

Added reply in a thread Cooper is actually Paul? 4/19/2021 11:02 AM

Wait I thought it was Ryder? So now you’re telling me it’s actually Rider? 🤯

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Whackers needs to chill. I want to watch him for a long time to come.

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99% mobile use here. I like the functionality in its current form. Might add a Training/Fitness tab. It gets discussed pretty often and would be nice to be able to find those conversations and tips later on when coming up with new workout and training ... more »

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+1 to this. I just start riding and it makes it’s own. That doesn’t look like the correct screen to me. Where are you getting that screen? I just start workout in mountain bike. Start riding. Sync with phone when done and get this. (No my lap times aren’t

... more »
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Personally think it’s cool. What sport do you know where Amateurs get to play/ride/race against current, going to be or ex pros? Pretty much no other sports unless you are at the top with them. They love to ride and race dirt bikes just like the rest ... more »

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I second that! Got out Saturday was good to be back in the saddle!

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As kids my dad always told us to drink water with lemons squeezed into it and then rub the lemon on our forearms. I have no idea if it worked or if he just thought it was hilarious that we thought it did.

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Welcome back! I’m in my 3rd season back after 11 years off the bike. I’m now 33 and in the best shape of my life. Moto was what I needed to motivate me to get in shape. I’m now in the gym 2-3 times a week, moto 1-2 days a week, and another form of cardio ... more »

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My 11’ was pretty finicky. Another check would be how many turns out you are on the choke? It’s not an idle adjustment but it does have something to do with air fuel ratio. If I remember correctly it was supposed to be stock around 32-35 turns out. My ... more »

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Throttle position sensor pretty notorious for going out on that year. Something to check into if you haven’t already.

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While I get the push for electric vehicles there’s still a long ways to go. Don’t see it happening in the next 14 years. Cars, dirt bikes, toys of sorts sure. They will become more popular. But getting the electrical grid to with stand a whole nation ... more »

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I had my dad build me a double in the middle of a corner growing up. Was always a fun one. Wider on the outside than it was on the inside.

Added reply in a thread Best riding technique advice you've gotten? 3/23/2021 8:20 AM

Carrying the speed you want into the corner and rolling through the corner as to not unload the suspension from accelerating too early. Combine that with lean angle mentioned above and you can really carry some speed through corners.

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Buy them you won’t regret it. After a scaphoid fracture and a screw I now don’t get on my bike with out them.

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I had no strong thoughts other than not liking his segments until the interview on Pulp. Not a fan at all now. I fail to see why the sport needs dumbed down so much? I play and watch hockey just as much as I moto. So Let’s take the NHL for example a ... more »

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Guy at work made 23k this week. Too bad I’m not a gambling man.