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Pretty "mint" ? Looks like a LOT of hours to me... Either way, I'd be looking for a used frame off eBay, and doing a full refresh through-out the bike while it was apart. I don't think you can restore the correct fit to the bearing race, now that it's ... more »

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A loose steering head bearing could allow the bearing to "hammer" the frame, and crack it. What model bike? How many hours on the bike?

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Incredible job on that RM! This may be the best looking RM250 I've ever seen!

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Slow guys crash just as hard as fast guys...just sayin'. Is a $600 boot required? No! But a good mid-level boot (Tech 7 or equivalent) Is a great investment in your safety.

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Replace the fuel filter in the fitting under the tank. Consult your owners manual for how-to. You can probably clean it, but it can be tough to get out without damaging it, and they are cheap.

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I would NOT ride it. That side of the KTM axle is threaded in to that axle block. It's got a large crack, and pretty sure its cast aluminum. When it fails, and it will, the axle will come totally loose, you'll throw the chain and do some major damage... ... more »

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The petcock assemblies off RM125/250s (thru 2008) fit right on, and are far superior in the way they seal to the tank You might have to drill out the hole in the tank a TINY bit. The springs on the OEM forks are ridiculously soft. I would recommend .43 ... more »

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I see that you are in Escondido, CA? Give Rudy at Pro Prept Motocross a call. He is very reasonable on pricing. Hardly worth your time to buy the required tools, including a torque wrench that is accurate in the correct range, and figure it out yourself... ... more »

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Does it fit on your drain bolt? If so, it's OK

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Keep us all informed! How is it , I can still get most parts for my 1983 CR480 and this 2007 part is NLA??

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Hey GuyB: Remember back in the 70's and 80's the Crash and Burn special issues that that (Dirt Bike?) magazines would put out? And one guy (Steve Casper) would have 2/3 of all the pics in the whole mag? I made the several issues! Iowa-District 22 MX: Awesome!

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I had a Honda lawn mower...thing blew so much dust thru that way-overly-porus catch bag, that I had to wear my MX goggles! My eyes were so red every time I mowed the lawn, it was like I was a back of the pack Beginner Class rider! Honda def dropped the ... more »

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The clamps off all models CR/CRF will fit the frame Of course the fork diameters are different on the later models of CRF. If you upgrade to a newer (2017-on) fork set, you have lots of options.

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Thats a good price. Just remember - they were revalved for a CRF450, not a CR250 2-stroke. Minimum, you will need springs. Good luck!

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Each step in tech will cost you more $$

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The 03 forks can be made to work well. If you can find a set of good condition 05-07 CR250 forks, they have much better valving stock and much more potential, if revalved for your weight/speed. That said, the forks from 2018 are a 15 year jump in technology ... more »

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My experience is with the 18 CRF250 forks. The springs on those forks is too stiff for the CR250, The valving is very good. On a set of CRF450 forks, the springs will be even heavier. You need to get the lightest rate fork springs that Factory Connection ... more »

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Yes. You need the 2018 (17-20) clamp set , or an aftermarket set.Everything will bolt right up. The CRF250 set valving will be close to what you need, but you will need the lightest springs that Factory connection has available. Your shock spring will ... more »

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No kidding?!? I drive by there occasionally and think "how cool would it be to have races out there!?!" It must have been bottomless sand on that YZ80!!

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Where are you guys taking them? Best setup results? Somewhere in the San Bernardino-to-San Diego area. I'd rather not ship them.

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