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Pretty sure it's a chain of carwashes that offers pizza while you wait. Dumb idea to some, but look who's bragging now.

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I don't think this is correct. The director may be in the trailer and deciding which cameras to broadcast live, but Ralffey and RC are both looking at screens AND watching the race from a booth high above the stadium floor.

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Exactly what I was thinking. Either Kenny is on fire (in a good way) or those sumbitches killed him again.

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I see Eli and Ferrandis both getting good starts this week. Ferrandis takes the win, while Coop and Forkner get rowdy with each other. Eli makes a simple mistake and loses the lead. Ends up fourth. I won't be able to watch for two weeks, but I'll check ... more »

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Wow, this thread has really derailed a tit. Whoops, a bit - I mean a bit. I think some of you missed the closing part of her IG post, which was "We are beautiful and strong just the way we are. It took me a while to learn that and if I'm honest I'm still ... more »

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I can almost hear RV in that helmet saying "huh, so that's how you do it." Great photos.

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Not sure they'll have time for that with Courtney Roczen's segment.

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Hey Steve, if it's not too much hassle, please add a column for total series points for the future rounds. That way we can easily see what the championship points gap is between riders. And yes, I realize this info is available numerous other places, including this site. This info graphic is great, though, and having the total points would be a good addition to it. much ty

This feature has 4 comments.

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Good info Bosco, and thanks for sharing. If you didn't see it after A1, GuyB is putting out a similar positions gained/lost summary each week. It doesn't have quite as much info as what you have here, but it is similar enough that it might save you the ... more »

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"You can choose inside, outside, top of the berm..and then cut down.." I was hoping Adam would work in a "hit the top of the berm - whapow - and then drop back in. Hit the whoops - bwaahhhh" He seems like the perfect personality to do it. 15 rounds left, ... more »

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Well, there’s a different take on it. Tune in again next for more to complain about.

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Welcome back!

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The bloopers were great. It took him 200 attempts to land the slack line to slack line transfer. And the bike flip at the end? Over 700. What a squid.

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"My Hoosiers were hooking up grate today."

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Use code HOLIDAY to watch on more than one device.

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I like Ralph, and look forward to his return.

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Great insight on both Malcolm and James from a father's perspective. Like Malcolm, it's hard to not like Big James' personality and demeanor. Great interview, Donn.

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I found this one online, too. Not sure if guyb or cudby took it?

See who liked it? Haha. I don't know who this chick is, but she has 1.5M followers. Modern day hookery.
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Later today, at a stadium in Anaheim, California, thousands of womens will gather to watch one of the premier dirtbike racing events in the world. In between races, they will line up for their turn to squat/hover over perfectly good porcelain toilets ... more »

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We now lace our cocaine with medicines. Times have changed, indeed.