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Side note: Aldon’s property looks as good as it ever has. Love the grass between the doubles.

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Looks like they fixed him up better than new. Glad to see him back on the bike and having fun as always. View this post on Instagram A post shared by D E A N O (@deanwilson15)

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No roost, no lappers, no one else on the track, is that motocross? Last I checked that was a part of the race. Not only the track elements but also the people elements. Do we eliminate fans and commentators too? Wtf is...more

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Homeboy better pick up the place. Shit is going sideways faster than JS7 in the whoops.

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You put Malibu on a bike and I'll chase this series around the world to watch him win the whole sumbitch.

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As the kids say, “ok, boomer.”

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Who else do you have in mind now that he already got Malcolm?

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Man, the first thing I thought when I saw his name on the list is that he already IS retired and this is the side of Adam that we get to see now. I know that’s not true, but the poor kid spends more time off the bike healing than he does completing series. ... more »

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Beat me to it - the first part at least. Even with the "this is speculation" disclaimer, reporting on stories like this is a welcomed change. Great job, ML.

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Damn Deano! On the bright side, he found a new sponsorship opportunity as the official ass-packing material of Dean Wilson.

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Uhhh, a completely different version of that sees fans and industry-folk saying what they really think (that the best years of Ken as a racer are in the past), and Ken being the one to say "F that, F you." The honesty stung HIS ego, not the other way ... more »

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Forgot what I was reading and thought that was Justin Hill for a minute. A healthy, focused, and committed KR is an absolute animal, but actions still speak louder than words, no matter how many expletives and exclamation points one adds.


Hoping that "top-to-bottom live coverage" means no commercials? Paging DC for clarification.

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A total douche.....since day one.

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Aldon has him on a strict diet; he'll be just fine.

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Reviving one of many older threads to point out the obvious: it's the same shit race after race, season after season. Barcia gets passed by a faster rider and then resorts to a direct hit knowing that it will most likely work in his favor since he is ... more »

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I like hard racing to a certain extent, but T-boning a guy while on probation, Barcia should of got the black flag and been disqualified. There is no consistency with the AMA. Rubbing is racing until you go too far and can possibly injure the other rider.

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Things were equal. They both lined up at A1 and have done so every round since. Eli came out on top.

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Awesome job, DC. The photo format really brought out some great responses and insight.