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...and this, folks, is why JS7 was wise to keep his girlfriend/fiancé/wife well hidden.

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Regardless of the legal shenanigans, homeboy has ghosted the sport nearly to the extent that JS7 did.

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It's like these guys were waving the white flag before the "invaders" even showed up.

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The truck bed is now a "maker space." I'm surprise they didn't mention that it comes in everyone's boyfriend's favorite shade of light teal or whatever that is. My buddy down in Costa Rica has the best Ford truck I know of; I would have bought one years

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Wrong site, bro. Also, gap times are lame. Time behind leader gives us the gap times. I'm fine with throwing in last lap time or fastest lap time every now and then, but 80% of the race should display the time behind leader.

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I wouldn't flog yourself too hard. Many share the sentiment that Aldon doesn't "make" champions either; it's just the nature of being the trainer/riding coach (or mechanic, suspension tech, nutritionist, etc) vs the dude on the bike twisting grip. As ... more »

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What do you mean? We have Roczen and Ferrandis now - we're doing just fine.

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Well, Barcia does love to slam people from behind.

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Shout out to Buttons keeping an eye on the kitchen. Also, you're probably the first person in history to keep tuna fish with their liquor collection inside of a pizza oven.

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Even worse, the engine was in backwards.

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That closing shot in the trailer with your boy riding above the town looks awesome. Nice work!

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Without disregarding his past performances, I'll take the opposite opinion and think Webb will step it up this year. His confidence is at an all time high, and for a dude like Cooper, that's bad news for the rest of the field. That being said...IF Eli ... more »

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Damn. RIP Scott, and condolences to his family and friends. Those Suzuki's with the QS graphics are one of my all-time favorites. A buddy bought one of Jamie Dobb's 125s that looked just like this. Best sounding 125 I ever did hear.

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IIRC, it absolutely HAS been pointed out before. My memory isn't always the best, but I recall a thread a year or so ago that was almost exactly like this one. Ping said he would talk to GL about his tendency to interrupt the guest to tell a story of ... more »

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What up, Jamie. Lot of dicks on here. Ask Cooksey. I saw that you replied to a few years-old comments in another thread. I'm sure you know this, but you've got to have thick skin in you're going to be putting yourself out there publicly. Aka, don't feed ... more »

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I don’t listen to any of the podcasts, but do watch the official press conferences and think it’s ridiculous when Daniel calls on “darkside” to ask one of the riders a question.

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Well, James did have a TV show, but I guess he was older then. Also, this:

from Imgflip Meme Generator
Started new thread Webb on Roczen and the mental side of the sport 5/3/2021 7:52 AM

The vid below is from the post-championship presser Saturday night. Webb was careful with his word choice (and thankfully didn't say "living rent free,") but it was interesting to hear him acknowledge what a lot of the Vital psychologists saw. Which ... more »

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Science of Supercross: order in the next 15 minutes and receive TWO free bottles of our sugary shit, just pay processing and shipping.

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Can we just agree that TP is the raddest dude in all of motor sports!? What hasn’t this guy done?