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Derek and Don Rickman won MXdN together in '63 & '64

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The East might be deeper with a healthy field, but it's been devastated by injuries. Marchbanks, J Martin, Nichols, Hampshire, and Smith have all missed races, and because of that; there's a very real possibility that Shimoda will finish 3rd for the ... more »

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America should send the best 3 riders that want to go, regardless of which side of the pond they race on. That bring said, I think Covington and Harrison would be pretty far down that list.

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I have no problem with riders classing out of the 250's, but it should be reserved for riders who win a 2nd 250SX title. The points threshold is too easily subverted, and without a title, it's hard for the rider to find a decent 450 ride. 1-time 250SX ... more »

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The MXdN shows which nation is the fastest, not which side of the pond is. You can't look at the overall winner, because Europe divides it's best riders into multiple teams; and you can't look at class winners because each class is one American vs a ... more »

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The point out requirement varies based on the number of races held. If you score an average of 16 points or more per race, you hit the threshold for that year. However, given the unusual circumstances, I could see them making an exception for this season. ... more »

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Criticism of one's use of freedom of speech is also freedom of speech.

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That's so cool! Thanks Davey!

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Yamaha has won the first Supercross of every decade; Marty Tripes - Los Angeles 1972 Mike Bell - Seattle 1980 Damon Bradshaw - Anaheim 1990 Jeremy McGrath - Anaheim 2000 James Stewart - Anaheim 2010 Justin Barcia - Anaheim 2020* *Updated

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To anyone thinking Reed will miss mains; wanna bet? I could use some easy money.

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Pretty standard; probably just hasn't been updated and/or riders are waiting to the last minute to register.

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Technically, every champion before 1993 won the premier class without a regional title, but none of them ever raced 125cc in SX. Jeff Emig is the only rider to have gone through the feeder class without a title and gone on to be a 250/450 class champion. ... more »

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Some of the Supercross rounds have less than 40 riders show up, so the real obstacle would be getting a pro license. I guess the question then is: Who is the oldest rider the AMA would be willing to reinstate their pro license for?

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There's so much history behind the des Nations, though. It predates the World Championship and (to the best of my knowledge) any formal national championship. It's the only motocross race that's a team event, and draws more international talent than ... more »

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According to google trends, the MEC is a bigger deal in US, while MXdN is a bigger deal worldwide. IMO, des Nations is he biggest race of the year; it's the oldest international race, draws the best riders from all four corners of the world, and I love ... more »

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MXGP should implement a rule that you can't score points if you don't complete a certain percentage of the race. Sorry, but you should not be scoring points towards the World Championship for finishing 6 laps down.

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Just FYI: -Permanent numbers are earned by winning a Supercross or Motocross title in either class, or finishing top 10 in points for the year. -Permanent numbers may not be triple digits, and single digit numbers are reserved for national champions. ... more »

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It really is a credit to the depth of French talent that they've been able to win 5 in-a-row with how ridiculous the FFM has been.

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Price will generally tell you the quality of a product, but it isn't perfect. A lot of companies know people associate price with quality and will over price their goods to give the impression that it's of a higher quality. Product reviews will give ... more »

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I would go to all permanent numbers, but you have to earn the right to run a single or double digit number. I'd say national title for single digit, and top 20 in national (or top 10 in regional SX) for double digits.