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Cooper has that Killer Instinct that Roczen and Tomac have NEVER had. Webb is in the old school mode like Hannah or Howerton. They had that killer instinct as well. Cooper broke Kenny at Daytona. Ever since then, Kenny really crumbles when the pressure ... more »

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Horrible. He needs to go.

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The 250 east and west are a joke this year. The leaders crash and still finish in the top three. They lap clear up into the top 10. And there was not even full gates for the heat races in Salt Lake. 26 riders. Do away with the east and west. Make it ... more »

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Agree. I've been wearing them for numerous years. Too me they are the most comfortable Helmet I've ever worn.

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They won't do it. The daytona SX is a large profit for them.

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I had no idea who this guy was. So I looked him up online. If anyone in this sport threw the N word around like he does, they would never be on the track again. But yet here we are putting some jackass thug on TV during a supercross.

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Mcadoo cross jumped him just like he cross jumped Lawrence, and marchbanks gave him a retaliation. Mcadoo rides like a total idiot on the track. Go back to B class.

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Webb has a killer instinct that Kenny just does not have.

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I am all for quality helmets. But $850! I am sticking with my Arai's. Best helmets I've ever worn.

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Guy is a freaking wrecking ball. He needs to be back in thr B class.

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I called it on another thread and people said I was nuts, that this was Kenny's kind of track, yada yada yada. I said Kenny would struggle at Atlanta. Kenny is done mentally. Webb got in his head at Daytona, and he has went back wards since. I also have ... more »

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World famous Georgie. But I heard his little brother pointed a laser pointer in Alessi's eye. (where do you think they learned the trick)? I personally think there should be no ex pros in the Vet classes at Loretta's. I've said this for years. It's called ... more »

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I am not sure how Seven even stays in business. NO ONE wears the staff really. Malcom and a few others, and that is really it.

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Heading to Atlanta for 3 rounds. I predict Kenny to lose points in all three rounds.

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All you need at the local level is 25+, 35+ and 45+ on the local level. Just my opinion.

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Cooper did exactly what he needed to do at Daytona. Ran Kenny high in the second corner and it was able to park kenny back in the field to allow Webb to gain the points lead. Great thinking and race craft. Webb is living in Kenny's head now, rent free. ... more »

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Rider, Rider, Rider. The Yamaha can win. Look at what AP has done the last few weeks when he gets a start. Most of all these supercross tracks are horrible. Everyone does the exact same thing, the lap times are not that much different in the top 10. ... more »

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So everyone seems to think the Yamaha YZ 450 is uncompetitive in professional racing. The bike is not good in SX, etc. There are six brands in the top eight in points. Three of the eight are Yamaha. So does the peanut gallery still think the Yamaha is ... more »

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If you guys don't think the Republicans are going to stand up for your rights to ride dirt bikes over the left, your incredibly naive. The left and their Green New Deal is not fighting for you at all. While you may hate both sides of the isle, if you ... more »