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If you guys don't think the Republicans are going to stand up for your rights to ride dirt bikes over the left, your incredibly naive. The left and their Green New Deal is not fighting for you at all. While you may hate both sides of the isle, if you ... more »

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Broke my Scaphoid (navicular) twice in my left wrist. I was told by my ortho that it was the hardest bone in the body to heal because of a lack of blood flow to it. Broke it ten days before heading to Loretta's. got the cast put on with my thump around ... more »

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Ryder Difrancesco (16) and Jett Reynolds (17) both seem like they have been around forever. But they are both getting close to be the next big thing from Team Green. Will be interesting to see how they do. Watched Nate Thrasher over the summer literally ... more »

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Trust me. They will be coming after your two wheel gas powered "off road" motorcycles. They will say they are too noisey, they tear up the environment. Your destroying the habitat of the rare ground squirrel or what ever it is this week. You idiots that ... more »

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Just my opinion, but these are the only classes you need to run at a local race. Everyone is covered in these classes. 14 classes. 51cc 4-6 51cc 7-8 65cc 7-11 85cc 9-11 85cc 12-15 Schoolboy 12-17 (125 or 250F) 250 A 250 B C (250 or 450) Open A Open B ... more »

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1. Shorter race days. Many tracks are really good at pushing a program, some are horrible. 2. Less classes. Why must a local track run all the classes that are run at a qualifier or regional? On the local level, the class structure could be reduced and ... more »

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Like everyone has said, many of these kids would have no competition at local races. They train, go to qualifiers, regionals, Lorettas and a few other big races and that is it. The facilities definitely help kids get faster and learn some skills, but ... more »

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Looks like 30 B/C had 42 last year and 30 Vet had 28. (i still had a photo on my phone of last years race order and numbers). Some classes have 34, one gate and to the main, some have max of 68, with LCQ and top 34 to the main.

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Just my personal opinion, but I think with Orlando, Daytona, and the Atlanta races, things are going to get shaken up. I do not think these tracks will fair well for Kenny.

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Damon Huffman and David Pingree are good examples. Both had good careers in motocross. Both got factory support. But after motocross, they needed a job. Ping is a fireman and Huffman is a police officer. Huffman said he saved some money, but it was not ... more »

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I thought that kit and the red kit like it were horrible looking.

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Simple fix. Quit wasting floor space and build some tracks that separate riders. These tracks with 45 to 47 second laps need to go to 55 to 57 and you would see less lappers and so soon. Watching the race last night, Webb should be pissed at Freise. ... more »

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Friese was getting the Blue flag multiple times. He got in Webbs way over the finish line, and still did not more over in the corner and raced Webb down the next straightaway. He totally ignored the Blue flag multiple times. Surprised Webb and Bam Bam ... more »

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If possible go bigger than 30x30. Not sure if your planning on a trailer, cars, or anything else in there. But I will always say go bigger!!

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I've said this about Bubba for years. He lives VERY large, and never made NBA, NFL or MLB type money. He was one of the highest paid ever, but once that stops coming in, and your stilling living super large, it can catch up to you.

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I doubt anyone is standing on the race track this year. I went to Indy the other night. Only 8000 people there. The mask nazis were horrible. Its just a freaking joke. And to the riders in the video they continually play about wearing your masks, they ... more »

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I was there. There was not a battle on the track in the top 10 that would have been worried about a last tap pass or was waiting to make a last lap pass. You guys act like this is the first time this has ever happened. It is not.

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Usually there are GA and assigned seating. With Social Distancing requirements, I would think they are all assigned this year. If you call Tyler Gary, he works in Nascar ticketing, he can help you get your tickets. 386-681-4076

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I love coming to Vital to see what the town idiots are saying daily. So one guy questions why AC is racing Tomac so hard? Really? Perhaps because it is round 5 of 17 and he is only 11 points behind him after round 5, it was less than that going into ... more »

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I was there and watched the race. Bottom line, Tomac did not have the chance or speed to get around Barcia. 20 minutes plus 2 laps proved that.