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Why is the quality of the feed so bad? Or is it my tv? Looks like I’m watching in 380p. Never had this on peacock

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Only spot you can really get close to the track would be next to the whoops, everything else pretty well blocked off. Hard to get a good camp spot, last year we showed up Wednesday morning and it was already tough

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I found a live stream in my phone on YouTube and mirrored it to the tv. They need to fix this

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Has anyone figured out how long after motos are over it’s going to take for them to put replays up?

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I bought the month to month expecting to watch an hour or so after the last motos were over (like peacock) as like most during these months were out doing shit in the day.. 6:30pm and still nothing on the app🤨

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I know I’m veering off here but I’m a big fan of their generators. Bought a suitcase one for camping at the track and it works great. Then got a 7800 watt for the house when power goes out. Saved a ton over the comparable Honda generators and like most ... more »

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I have been trying to get one but Alpinestars has been out of many of the color ways as well as the thicker cheek pads. Reading reviews from ML, keefer and some others it seems a lot of other people go to thicker ones as well. Fit was similar to the ... more »

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Did you bring in any dirt or is everything built just from changing grade?

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Check eBay online stores. I was lucky enough to find one through that avenue.

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Anyone know if knew designs will be out anytime soon?

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I emailed and was able to get In touch. Seems a lot have had problems with the device.. I had to ground down the 2 washers/screw heads on mine down tk next to nothing cause they were wearing out the hook.

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I pack the crap out of it. Not to hijack but who here uses blocks? I’m about 5’8” so usually don’t have a problem when starting in a shallow rut but I’m thinking it could help with leverage.

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Like others here I’m a long time fly wearer and will continue to be so because of the quality, and I like that fly supports a lot of the content I consume. I’m also a fan of JT. But yeah, it looks “meh”. I felt the same thing with last years stuff.

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Do you see an advantage with the disc harrows over the rototiler? Or just price based?

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Here are some photos of the dirt when it’s nice compared to now when it’s sun baked and rock hard. Would the 25hp would pull a ripper when I throw a bunch of weight on it in those good conditions? And what about in the photos from now when the ruts are

... more »
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So I’ve narrowed my choice down to a kubota L2501 or L3301 with a box blade with the rippers. Been kicking the tires for a while now. The 25 hp advantage being there is no regen process. I’ve read a good amount of bad things about regen issues. Dealer ... more »

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For the guys with personal tracks, what size tractor gets the job done for maintenance? I’ve talked to some dealers and some say the sub compact models 24hp(~18-20 pto) will do the job tilling and backblading ruts but it’ll take time. Others say I’d ... more »

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